Virtual Shutterfly HouseParty

Ahhh. It’s the Holiday season.

A time for cooking (and cleaning), friends (and family), holiday parties (and work parties), decorations (and burned out lights), peppermint tea (and colds), crisp fall days (and sleet and rain), red starbuck’s cups, presents (and bills), and dog sweaters with bells.

Ahhh! It’s the Holidays! Where did this year go?

I had signed up to host a Shutterfly House Party, but everyone was just too busy. One friend had to go out of town for work, another was having a baby (yay!!), another was up north helping family after Hurricane Sandy.. really… it’s almost like the crazy hustle-and-bustle from last year’s Holiday season never stopped.

The bad –> I was supposed to host a party, it bombed hard just like that one I hosted in 7th grade. (That’s not a pic of me in 7th grade, but it was the closest I have).

The good –> Shutterfly and Houseparty me a pretty slick party pack , which I would like to share with you! I also feel all guilty pants for not actually hosting the party which was apart of my agreement with Shutterfly and Houseparty, so I’m trying to make up for it…help me out?

[commercial interruption]

Holiday Cards

My friend Erin over at Erin B. Fashion does this every year, and I just love it. Fill out this form with your mailing address, and I’ll send you a personal holiday card! If you want, you can send me one back!

Yes, I’d love to get a Holiday Greeting Card!

[and on with the show]

Here’s some of what the Shutterfly family has to offer…

photo books

I honestly love photo books. A version of digital scrapbooking, they’re a great way to capture memories.  Plus, since you don’t have to have all the supplies (books, paper, scissors, etc.), I think it could even be a bit more cost effective (and you don’t have to have room to store all the paper, scissors, and other crap).



I’m amazed at how simple they are to make these days. When you first begin, you have two options to choose from to make your book.  Custom Path (You do the work: you pick the theme, you pick each page layout, you lay out your pictures for each page etc.) or the Simple Path (you still pick your theme, but shutterfly does the rest. You an still modify everything afterwards).

As for themes there is quite a variety available for you to select from like “Halloween Spooktacular”, “Noel”, Confetti Splash”, “Through the Seasons”, “Pictogram”, “Chalkboard Chic”… you get the point.

holiday cards

When it comes to birthday cards, I try to find the most ridiculous card in the rack. If it has a monkey on it, even better. When it comes to Christmas, I’m sold if it has a snowman on it. I just love them!

One thing I hate is standing in the aisle at the store trying to find a card. It takes forever. Plus if you want to buy them in bulk, the selection is minimal. With Shutterfly, you can quickly find the card you want, and even filter what they have available to make finding what you want faster.

What makes them even better is you can personalize your cards. I like to add my own photos to make the cards a bit more friendly. (Who doesn’t want a photo of Vegas dog dressed up for the holidays???)

photo prints

actual, real, tangible, hold-in-your-hand photos. Yup, Shutterfly will mail you actual photo prints. The digital age has really changed how we look at photos, but you just can’t beat an actual photo. Shutterfly has done photo prints for years, and continues to do so this day.

personalized greeting cards

They’ve also partnered with to offer personalized greeting cards.



You can personalize them to include someone’s name on the front. This is a card that feels entirely custom made which is always pretty awesome.

the good stuff

Want your chance to personally test out some of the products mentioned above? Comment below with what product from Shutterfly you’re most interested in and I’ll send you a code for the following:

  • One free photobook from Shutterfly
  • 10 free personalized holiday cards from Shutterfly
  • 101 free prints from Shutterfly*
  • One free customized greeting card from

*There is one catch in this. It appears Shutterfly requires you to send 5 friends an offer for a free photobook in order to qualify for the 101 free prints. Honestly, that’s not THAT bad, but I wanted to be upfront about it. All the other above offers are “without a catch”.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays!!

3 thoughts on “Virtual Shutterfly HouseParty

  1. I am the one that had to go out of town for work … such a sad story :(. The good news, though – I LOVE Shutterfly! I create a photo book for a few family members each year, and I also use them for my Christmas cards. So a discount would definitely be wonderful! Great post and great way to make up for not having a party. We will make it work next time! Oh, and I would love a card, too 🙂

  2. Love Shutterfly, have been an avid fan and customer for years. Just got my holiday cards in the mail last week from Shutterfly actually. 🙂 I would like the photo book code, please.

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