Boselli Mud Run 5k 2012


Another mud run is in the books! A few months ago, the Boselli Foundation asked Adam and me if we would like to become apart of their Dirty Dozen Ambassador Team. We immediately said yes! Our goals? Promote the event, promote the foundation, and share our experiences with others.


After a few days discussing, we came up with our team name. Honey Badger Don’t Give a Muck!  Our friend, Leif, joined our team too!

We also jumped on the ball and coordinated a fundraising event at Intuition Ale Works. Friends, coworkers and strangers shared a few beers to help with us raise money for the Boselli Foundation.


We also held a door prize giveaway to everyone that came that night giving away two Boselli Mud Run t-shirts signed by Tony Boselli himself. Huge thank you to Intuition Ale Works for hosting our fundraiser and to Firehouse Subs and Cantina Laredo for donating food. Thanks to everyone that donated and/or drank beer for our cause!


We couldn’t have had better weather that day. (Especially compared to the rainy, cold weather everyone had the year before!)

It was definitely a crazy day. When we first pulled up and parked, we could NOT find our friend, Leif! Can’t run without a teammate, right? We finally found each other about 3 minutes prior to our wave start time. Leif quickly pinned on his race number, tied in his timing chip, and threw his other registration stuff in his truck. Next thing I knew we were slopping through mud bogs.


We ran and completed several articles in the first mile or so when we ran up to the monkey bars obstacle. There was a girl completely dominating them…until the last rung when it appeared her hand slipped. I saw her fall to the ground and land wrong, heard a crack and say “It’s broken. It’s broken. It’s broken.” and then…I proceeded to walk right past the monkey bars. (Not that I could have actually DONE the monkey bars..)  The paramedics were immediately there to help her. OY! (I really, really hope she has a quick recovery.)


Seeing that happen to her was a good warning for me to take it easy. I did skip a few obstacles. (For example, the hay bales.. I did not need my allergies to flare up or a rash on my arms) I honestly have to say I enjoyed this mud run MORE because I skipped a few obstacles. Sometimes, you just need to relax and have a good time. That is EXACTLY what I did that day.


Can anyone explain why the muddy water was actually milky on a few obstacles? Maybe there’s clay in that area? I really had no idea.


I look so weird in this picture b/c my eyes aren’t open!

I can’t believe this was my fifth mud run to date! Have you done a mud run yet? Which one?

**The Boselli Foundation provided me with two free race entries so we could share our experiences with my readers. We were still required to fundraise for the Boselli Foundation as did every one else. Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own and not influenced by others.**

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