Zip Lining Fun at the Tallahassee Museum

A little under 2 and a half hours away, the Tallahassee museum is one of the newest places in Florida to get a zip line course called Tree to Tree Adventures.  Adam and I were recently invited to come check out their zip line course which actually opened back around Memorial Day.

We’re both huge fans of zip lining.  Last year for my birthday, we went to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm to check out their zip line & obstacle course. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures because they wouldn’t allow us to bring our cameras. 6 months later we went zip lining near Helen, Georgia over the New Years holiday. I’ve also had the opportunity to go zip lining when I was on an Alaskan Cruise in one of only a few temperate rain forests in the world (which was awesome!).

We headed to the Tallahassee Museum on a Sunday to celebrate Adam’s birthday weekend. We made good timing having left Jacksonville around 10 a.m. and made it to Tallahassee around 12:15.  Adam’s mom, who lives fairly close to the Tallahassee Museum, met up with us there too.


We entered the first building to get our wrist bands.  We signed up for the “whole package” which includes their shorter course, Canopy Crossing, and their longer course, Soaring Cypress. The prices are really, REALLY affordable. Soaring Cypress actually includes the Canopy Crossing course, and was only $40 per person. I would say this is normally around $80 at other zip line places. We also bought a can of bug spray ($7) at their gift shop which ended up being a really good thing. I am extremely attractive and tasty to all mosquitos, so I definitely needed the added mosquito defense.


The Tallahassee Museum is more than your ordinary zip line because it also is a very extensive obstacle course which one sees as soon as they walk onto the campus.


First thing we did was walk to the “Harness House” to sign our wavers and get our gear.


We were each outfitted with a harness and a pair of gloves.


Posted proudly right next to the Harness House are their course licenses, which is always comforting to see right off the bat!


There is a minimum height requirement to enter their zip line courses. They also have a kids course for those that aren’t quite tall (or brave) enough. I was eyeing the kids course, TREEmendous Adventure, because it looked like a lot of fun though I was actually too tall for their height maximum.


We only waited about 5 minutes for another group to get checked in, and then got started with a quick instructional session that lasted another 5 minutes.


When you zip line, you have two large carabineer clips each on their own rope that is connected to your harness.  When on the zip line course, you are harnessed to the red rope at all times with these two carabineers. The red rope is called “your lifeline” for a reason. If you need to disconnect from one red wire to connect to another red wire, you disconnect one carabineer from the old red wire and connect it to the new red wire. Then you disconnect your second carabineer from the old red wire and connect it to the new red wire. That way, you’re connected to the red wire at all times. Very important!


For the last part of our instructional session, we took this little zip line for a test spin to get our bearings.


Then it was time to get started, and the only way is up!


Earlier I mentioned how you’re always connected to the red wire, The Lifeline.  This is true for ladders as well.  They have a seatbelt apparatus that you clip into for when you go up or down a ladder.  The seatbelt will slowly retract as you climb higher, but if you were to slip and fall or jump off, it’ll catch you mid-air. I did not feel the need to test this myself…


The first obstacle to get you used to walking high up. It’s a little shaky but not too bad.


The second obstacle they get you used to walking and streeeetching from one platform to the other. The shorter you are, the more stretching necessary.


I liked that there were safety signs throughout the course. You start getting a wee bit confident a few obstacles in, and it’s a good reminder. (Plus when your climbing mates  say “what are you doing? why aren’t you hooked in?” that’s a good reminder too. Though, I’m not saying that was something that I did…


Some obstacles took longer than others. I really like that you can show up and start the course whenever you wanted. The Tallahassee museum doesn’t require reservations. We always seem to be running late (OK, I’m always late  It’s a self guided tour. This means you’re welcome to proceed through the course as fast as you’re comfortable doing.


We laughed because these looked like big Shotskis you might buy at Taco Lu, in Jacksonville, FL)

IMG_2594 - Copy

This one was crazy because the only thing to hold onto was the red wire above.. and this sucker wobbled.




The dreaded *#%$ing surfboard.

This obstacle course is actually made by the same company that made the St. Augustine Alligator farm’s course. We did the St. Augustine Alligator Farm’s zip line obstacle course back for MY birthday back in May of 2011. It was a lot of fun but really challenging.  I wasn’t really lifting weights back then (now I do Timed Exercise 2-3x a week).  Trust me, that has made a HUUUUUGE difference which I could definitely tell this time on the zipline course.

When we were at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, they had “The Surfboard”.  As you can hopefully tell from the pictures above, it’s a platform, that slides on two zip line cords that you’re supposed to balance on and slide across. This is all great, unless you lose your balance. There is NOTHING to grab hold on.

Yes, I lost my balance. I luckily fell on my butt on the surfboard. From there.. I was unable to pull myself up or move in any way. Any time I shifted my weight, the surfboard thingy would move. I literally did not have the strength to pull myself up. It was a nightmare. I was stuck. I was really REALLY frustrated. SOMEHOW I managed to get to the end. Pretty sure it involved me pulling myself along the cords to the end and not standing up. I honestly was so flustered, I can’t even recall. Yes, there may have been a few tears.


Fast forward to this Sunday… right before we got to that obstacle, I could see it coming up…and I saw a girl do exactly what I did last year. OY! I was bound and determined to not let that happen to me. You know what? It didn’t! I owned that surfboard thingy like a boss. Yup.


Victory Smile!


Adam’s mom had a blast as well!


We’d signed up for the Soaring Cypress course, so we got to do the longer zip!


I’d say that’s pretty long.


After we finished the first course, we climbed down and took a short break before starting on the next part of the course, Soaring Cypress.


The first course, Canopy Crossing, keeps you pretty much 20 feet high in the general area of the park. Soaring Cypress gets you higher and farther away from the general area. In fact, you go to areas of the park that are only accessible via the zip line course.


The start of the second course was a wee bit higher than the first course.


It was also farther away from everything and more secluded.


There was one part of the course where you actually had a choice whether to go left or right. In the above picture, I’m looking backwards onto the course. To the right, you see a bridge of platforms… to the left, you see a bridge of vertical 4×4 type blocks. When I came upon this point, Adam had already gone through, so of course he heckled me (in a good natured way, of course) egging me on to try the 4×4 verticle blocks. I said sure… uh.. those suckers twisted and turned.. not the easiest and the only thing to hold onto was the red Lifeline. I was about three steps out (just far enough to really be too far to turn back) when he admitted he had taken a step or two out and turned back. Greaaaaat. I took a deep breath and pressed….


Until I got to the next platform. Uh.. this was even harder. These are basically just stirrups that were VERY moveable.  Below is a funny video where you can see me tackle these. Though the video cuts out early, I did manage to finish them. I could not be happier I’ve been doing Timed Exercise. Whew!

Click here if you don’t see the video right above.




One last tidbit of fun: The course had these signs hung up platform height adding a bit of tour guide to the course.


Near the end, we had a surprise of seeing a beautiful lake. This picture is completely unedited. I loved the tall trees along with the vibrant greens and yellows and the flat lake. It was just breath taking. I’m pretty sure this view is ONLY visible to those that do the zip line course.


The last and final zip line (of like 18 or so total zip lines!) was actually a double zip line. Adam and I were able to “race”! Adam took the higher, purple zip line, and I got the lower, red zip line. I started slightly after he did (stage fright!), but we seemed to end at the same time.


I am pleased to say I survived the Tree to Tree Adventures at the Tallahassee Museum.  It was a great zip line experience. I honestly had a better time than I expected to (especially since the LAST obstacle/zip line course I did was pretty frustrating). If you’re heading to Tallahassee, I highly recommend checking out the Tallahassee Museum if you have extra time OR head there just for the day if it’s within a day trip for you!

**The Tallahassee Museum provided me with free passes to review their zip line courses so I could share my experiences with my readers. Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own and not influenced by others.**

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  1. This is pretty much when Ben and I do when we go to St. Maarten.. we love it! It’s good to know there is a place just a wee bit closer 😉

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