Ferry Fest 2012

This past Saturday there was an event in Mayport Village to help raise funds for the Mayport Ferry called Ferry Fest.

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THE ST. JOHN’S RIVER FERRY SERVICE is a vital part of Northeast Florida’s local transportation system, connecting State Road A1A between Heckscher Drive and Mayport Village. The Jacksonville Port Authority has voted to stop supporting ferry operations. Discontinuing this service will have profound impacts on the First Coast’s economic, transportation, and environmental interests.

You can help by signing the petition, writing your Councilors, Representatives, and Senators, and spreading the word about the Ferry to your family and friends.

There was music, dancing, food trucks, caricature artists, and food vendors.

Why was I there?  I was there for the food trucks: On the Fly Sandwiches and stuff, Driftwood BBQ, Brucci’s Pizza, Super Food Truck, 3 Moms Ice Cream and more!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I’d say the word got out just fine about the event because it was packed!  There were fairly long lines for all the food trucks. I thought we were being proactive by arriving pretty much on time. I can only imagine how bad it was later on in the day!

More people, more lines, more sun, more heat.

We didn’t waste much time. On The Fly was there which I”m a HUUUUGE fan of. We ran into Caron who was waiting in line there and mentioned they were serving the Sweet Potato Planks (oooohmmeeegee).

I forced myself to keep walking and try a different truck.  I’d never been to Driftwood BBQ before, so we settled into line there.

It was only about 1:20pm and they were already crossing off items on their menu! They’d already run out of the Brisket Skewers before we’d even arrived.

While we were waiting in line they crossed off the Ribs too.  I knew I wanted the Pulled Pork Sliders, so I was really hoping that didn’t get crossed off too!

They were also having a food truck competition.  The food truck with the highest amount of “tips” would win, and that tip money would go to the “Keep the Ferry” foundation. Interesting  The signs were hand printed, making me think this was an after thought?  I’d love to know which truck won, as I couldn’t find it posted on their website or Facebook page.

Yes! They didn’t run out (at least before I got to them…) I quickly squeezed some sweet BBQ sauce on mine and headed for the trees and cover. Personally I’m on the fence with BBQ style foods like pulled pork, brisket, and chicken.  It always seems sorta dry.  This, my friends, was NOT dry at all.  It practically melted in my mouth. The bun was perfectly toasty too.  It also had a nice thin glaze of butter on it. The sweet BBQ sauce was definitely necessary as it added a great flavoring to the sliders. I wished I’d ordered 4 instead of 2, but I had no interest in getting back in line! (Nor did I really need 4 of these suckers).  If you’re a fan of BBQ, I definitely suggest you give Driftwood BBQ a shot.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

My next goal was to cool down. The hunt for ice cream began.

I saw Wiki Wiki, but all I saw people bringing away from there was shaved ice.  I’ve never had a shaved ice that I really liked that wasn’t served by Snoopy, so I pressed on in my search for ice cream.  Another day, wiki wiki.. another day.

Ooh.. This looks interesting…

3Moms Ice Cream had a smallish crowd around it. In all honesty, they kinda had bad placement. I had to walk away from all the food trucks to find them. This made the line a lot shorter, so that was fine by me (but possibly not good for them).  At first glance, it looks like one of the old ice cream trucks I would chase down in my neighborhood when I was 8.  Thankfully there was no loud speaker belting “I’m a little teapot”.

They even have their menu on the side like traditional ice cream trucks do, but this one was a bit more modern.  Adam pointed out that they have Diana’s Banana Babies. Yum!  I wanted something a bit different though.


I settled in on the Magnum Double Caramel.  I plowed through this too fast for a picture. (Hey! I was afraid it was going to melt!) So I’ve borrowed a picture from the interwebs to show you how delicious this was. It was like a Taco Bell Gordita, only with a filler of ice cream, covered by a layer of chocolate, then a layer of caramel and then another layer of chocolate. Oh my! Yes, this was a good decision.

Oh.. and don’t worry.. if traditional ice cream truck is what you want.. look at the 4th row, 6th item from the left.. the Red, White, and Blue firecracker is there.

I’d say the event was a lot of fun.  A bit out of the way since it was all the way in Mayport, but when we went traffic wasn’t a hassle at all.  We got in easily, found parking easily, and left just as fast.


Driftwood BBQ on Urbanspoon

3 Moms Ice Cream Mobile Food truck on Urbanspoon

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