Yes, I’m bat a*** crazy…

…and I’m dragging Adam down with me. We (along with 10 other people) signed up to run the Ragnar Relay Florida Keys.

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The Ragnar relay is a 12 person running relay (unless your REALLY bada*** then it’s just a 6 person relay..which I’m not THAT crazy…yet… ) from one destination to another that’s typically around 200 miles. In our case, we will be running from Miami Beach to Key West which is exactly 199 miles. (You think they could tack on one more mile for an even 200… but after all that running, I’m not sure we’ll really give a rats a*** if it’s 199 or 200…) You don’t each run all 200 miles together in a big group run. You split it up into a variety of pre-determined (determined by the Ragnar peeps) lengths. The route has a total of 36 running legs with each person running 3 legs each. Each leg of the race is anywhere from 3 miles to 12 miles long. Adding up all three running legs each teammate will complete AROUND 20 miles total in a 36 hour period. Some more, some less. And yes, you read that right. It will take around 36 hours for the entire team to complete the race. Here’s the breakdown of the running legs (click the image to go to the actual link):

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

So in case you missed it.. we’re going to run.. and then run some more.. and then run a few more miles after that.

I’ve been drooling over this race for over 2 years….

I ALMOST signed up for a random team last year (there are alwars teams that need extra runners last minute) until I got the whole Achilles Tendinitis thing. Ugh. (Preventing that from happening again? Proper, consistent training. I do believe I’ve learned a lot from a year ago…but that’s a whole post for another day.)

If you have any questions about anything I didn’t explain well enough here, comment below or email me! I’m happy to explain what I can!

Oh, and I almost forgot one of the most important pieces of information!

Our team name: Chuck Norris Never Ragnar’d.

So… on January 4 and 5th.. I’ll be running from Miami Beach to Key West. I’ve never EVER been to Key West, so I really couldn’t be more excited.

and.. uh.. we have an opening… technically only have 11 teammates confirmed…. you in?


6 thoughts on “Yes, I’m bat a*** crazy…

    1. We split the team into two groups. Each group has its own 15-passenger van. The vans basically leap frog each other on the way down. One van stays with/near the current runner while the other one goes on ahead to the meet up point. When they start up again, they swap with the other van staying back with the runner and the other going on ahead to the next rendezvous point. Thanks for the comment/question! Let me know if I can answer any more questions!

  1. So is this 36 straight hours or is there an end of the day? I have run a couple of marathons and a ton of 1/2s bit this one is a cake taker!

    1. Ha!! There BETTER be cake at the end..or better yet, a keg of beer!!

      It’s 36 hours straight. You don’t run 36 hours straight, but run 3 legs during that time period. Each leg ranges from 3 miles to 11 miles depending on your turn on the roster (which we get to decide in advance).

      One of the good things about the vans leapfrogging is those runners in the vans can stretch out their legs and take a cat nap until its their turn. The van that drive on to the to rendezvous point can sometimes have a 2 hour wait until the runner catches up.

      To me, this is a good stepping stone to the marathon which I have not yet done!!

      What else can I help explain? (You’re also helping me think of ideas for future posts, so this is great!)

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