Ziplist Review

This post originally appeared as a guest post on on July 5, 2012


Ziplist is a free website for you to create shopping lists, save & store recipes, create a weekly meal plans, and more.

I honestly don’t use ALL the features myself, but I thought it could be worthwhile to explain the ones I do like and use daily.

With all the features it does have, I’m honestly surprised it’s free, but let’s not jink things. Ok?

In general, Ziplist is a tool you can use to create shopping lists. You can create lists and categorize them in different ways. I categorize based on store like your grocery store (Publix), Target, Costco, etc. I’ve also used it to make other lists like packing for a camping or fishing trip.

Ziplist makes it even easier because there’s also a free Android and iPhone app which instantly syncs the information with the computer.

I like having an app that no matter where I am, I can add something to the list as soon as I realize I need it. At work & I suddenly get a hankering for eggplant? I add it to the list. In the bathroom and realize we’re low on toothpaste, I add it to the list. In traffic? Add something at the next stoplight. Then I can clear my brain and forget about what I need until I walk in the store.

Ok so there’s probably hundreds of apps that easily do this. What makes Ziplist stand out from the crowd a bit is that it also allows you to share lists with other people. Sometimes my schedule just doesn’t allow me to make it to the store so my bf will offer. Since we both have the apps on our phones, I don’t have to scramble to text or email him a shopping list.

Or if I decide to run in and pick something up real quick from the store on my way home for work, I always pull up the list to see if the bf added anything. If he has, I can pick it up & save us an extra trip later.

Another feature that makes this app stand out is the recipe clipper. If you’re anything like me, you have tons of recipes you can’t wait to make…some day. I used to print recipes out and save them in a three ring binder. This binder sat on a shelf and collected dust. Now, instead of printing recipes, I have a link saved to my website browser bookmarks. When I find a recipe I might like to make…some day, I click the browser link and Ziplist automatically imports it into my online recipe box. No typing required!

If I finally get motivated to actually cook something, I can search for a recipe by name or ingredient to pull up the recipe on the website or the app (either way works), click a button & it automatically adds the ingredients to my shopping list.  Couldn’t be easier.

When I started researching to put together this post, I learned about a feature I didn’t even know they had. This feature made me sympathize with my bf. There are times I put something on the list that my bf doesn’t have a clue what it is. Poor guy. Apparently Ziplist has a scan feature! I can scan the UPC of a product to add it to the list. Normally if I want something specific like Silk Protein Milk Vanilla Lite, I would just put “Milk” on the list. If the bf were to go to the store without me, he’d have no clue which one of all the available types and brands I really wanted. Even if he knew it was Almond Milk, he would probably grab the wrong one (because I’m so darn picky). Now if I’ve added it to the list with UPC, all the bf has to do in the store is pickup the item he thinks it is, scan the UPC, if it doesn’t match something on the list, he knows it’s not the right item!

One last final feature I think is worth mentioning is their meal planning feature. I am notorious for buying stuff and either forgetting I bought it or forgetting what I bought something for. With the Meal Planning feature, you can assign certain recipes to a different days of the week staying organized.

I hope I’ve given you reason to at least check out ziplist for yourself and see if it might be something that makes your life a little bit easier!

Have you used Ziplist before?  If so, what’s your favorite feature?  Do you use a different website/app to help with your shopping or do you use an old fashioned method? 

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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