Kleenex Hand Towels: Creative “Guest-Ready Bathrooms”


While we moved into a new place back in January, there are still a few areas of the house that we haven’t quite.. well.. decorated.. AT ALL. In fact we haven’t even had a house warming party yet. We’ve been here almost 6 months!

We’re planning on hosting our first event in a few weeks, an Olympics Viewing Party! This means I’ve started thinking about last minute decor improvements (as well as spending time with Pinterest seeking party ideas)!!

One room that is a constant eyesore is our half bath that’s downstairs off the living room.

There’s a few things that just make this room difficult to work with. These half baths are so small there really isn’t much one can do to it.

One easy way to give the room some personality is to paint it. Especially since the rest of our place is painted pretty colors. Unfortunately we’re renting so painting really isn’t an option. Bummer.

Another easy way to brighten the tiny room would be to set out some decor out on the sink. Maybe a small photo frame of our dog or a small vase of fake flowers. Unfortunately this bathroom has a pedestal sink, so there’s really not room for anything. Sigh.

Plus with it being a room under the stairs with a slanted ceiling, I’m not really sure what paintings to hang on the wall, if any? Any ideas here?

I can easily upgrade the rug. It’s an all white room with a used, yellow rug. That definitely can be fixed.

Another easy decor fix is to actually hang more than one darn towel. Right now I just have an old yellow hand towel. That can definitely be upgraded. I’ll probably try a layering of two bath towels with a hand towel on top.


Lastly, do you ever go to a friends for a party, use the restroom, wash your hands, go to dry them and the towel is already wet? I hate that. Knowing we’re going to have a ton of people over, I absolutely want to avoid that! One easy solution is with Kleenex hand towels. These are easy because they come in a box that I can just set out for the event. If they don’t all get used, I can put them away and hang on to them until the next time I need them.


The box is fine, but since it’s an Olympic Themed Party, I’m thinking of actually decorating the box for some added fun.

I can easily wrap the box (like a present) in different paper to add some color to the room. The first idea was, of course, to do a red, white, and blue theme. Another was to wrap it in all white and draw the Olympic rings on the box. (This could be really fun if I had kids. I could have them do this!). I also thought it could be fun to wrap it so it looks like an olympic torch. Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself (it’s only a box of hand towels, after all), but it could add some fun.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I do plan to temporarily relocate the kitty litter upstairsfor the event. Psycho Tiki, my cat, will most likely hide out and stalk everyone pout while everyone is there anyways, so there’s no sense in leaving it in there!

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That’s pretty much all I can think of to perk up the room. If you have any ideas on other ways to decorate that room, let me know!!!


I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.

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