Back 40 Urban Cafe

The Friday before Memorial Day weekend, Adam got his wisdom teeth taken out.  All 4 of ’em. 3 were impacted. We spent all of Friday relaxing on the couch while he enjoyed his meds and drooled in his pudding.  The next day, he bounded out of bed looking for something to conquer after being cooped up for an entire day.  There’s really no other way to describe his desires to He was like a new man… he just couldn’t drink from a straw.

I’d been dying to check out a restaurant in St. Augustine so we jumped in the car and headed that direction.  On the way down, he pulled up their menu and realized he couldn’t actually eat anything on their menu.  He’s not a picky eater, but the problem with wisdom teeth, or the lack of wisdom teeth, is chewing is a b#@$%.

Dang it.

So since we were almost to St. Augustine, I told him just to pick some place and QUICK. Oy. What WAS I thinking?  He found a place scary quick using Urbanspoon. It was called Back 40 Urban Cafe. Uh.. what?

Me: “Honey.. babe.. maybe it’s your meds.. you want to go to an Urban Cafe”?

Him: “100% of the people like it on UrbanSpoon”

Me: “So… the owner, his wife, his girlfriend, and his relatives all clicked ‘like’. Big woop”

Him: “Uh.. so he has 280 relatives because that’s how many reviews they have, and it’s still at 100%”

Me: [internal voice] Crap… we’re really going to have to go to this place…

So we navigated away from downtown and even farther away from the beach which was where I wanted to go..[major pouting going on here while I drive].

We turn down some side street into houses and drive past this.

Yes, we drove past because I was panicking.  “That’s where you want to go??? What? That little shack??” (Ok seriously, I was being a butthead, because it’s totally cute in the picture.. but let’s continue…)

Adam stuck to his guns (as he SHOULD).  I swung the car around, and we headed back to the “urban cafe”. (From the other direction it seemed more inviting. Maybe it was the big parking lot on the one side..)  I pulled around back.  Gave myself a mental pep talk, turned off the car, stepped out…and was surprised.. it actually looked…cute?  I may have been swayed by the cute menu board stating $2 tacos and Coronas..

Then we walked inside. Immediately I saw the cutest 3 chair bar.  It instantly reminded me of a cute restaurant/bar in a house I used to enjoy back when I lived in Indianapolis for that hot second. (It kills me I cannot remember the name of this place!) Such a cozy feel. I could see Adam and me and maybe a friend just relaxing there.

We took a quick scan of a few of the rooms and picked the middle one because it was empty.  All the rooms are different colors with different paintings on the walls.

This is the part when my day got flipped-turned upside down and all delicious. $2 Corona? Yes, please.

We scanned the menu. They were offering a specialty menu for the holiday which meant I couldn’t try the Pineapple Jerk Chicken Quesadilla Adam had read from Yelp & Urbanspon. Aww shucks. We have to come back again? Twist my arm.

Waitin’ for some fooood..

Then the delicioiusness happened.  Adam having not really eaten anything but mashed potatoes, smoothies-in-a-bowl, and mac n cheese for the past day of COURSE ordered the Wet Burrito.

Here’s another angle. Trying to demonstrate just how monstrous this was. It seriously was huge.

I went with the Island Bowl which was avocado (you can also get jerk chicken) over a bowl of black beans and brown rice with shredded cheese and tomatoes topped with a dollop of sour cream, green onions, cilantro and jalapenos served with a side of fresh house salsa.

It was like all my favorite things all in one.

This is what it really looked like once I dove in!

We were starving when we showed up and The Back 40 Urban Cafe did not disappoint. True, I had to get over my fears of going somewhere “off the beaten path,” but I survived, left stuffed, AND found a cute little place we’ll definitely visit again and again.. especially so we can try the Jerk Chicken Quesadillas!


The Back 40 Urban Cafe on Urbanspoon

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