Pool time!

The Jax Truckies Food Truck Rally this past weekend was a great event but a wet one. I was really glad I had the phone case from Life Proof so I could stand in line, take pictures, and text without worrying about my phone.

I was in line at Corner Taco when my friend, Tia, came up and asked me if I liked my Life Proof.  Of course, I said yes.  She replied that she did too and showed me her nice purple case! Wow! When she said she bought hers because she saw me post about mine, I was floored!

One thing Tia mentioned has stuck with me since we talked.  She asked if I’d dunked mine in a glass of water yet, which I actually haven’t done.  I did properly test it before using it which involved putting it in a sink of water.   I’ve also done two mud runs and the Gate River Run with my phone.  The one thing I have done, but haven’t shared yet is that it’s perfect for pool time!


A few weekends ago we definitely had a great time playing around in the pool especially thanks to the phone case.

The case definitely works well under water.  A few things to note:

  • Under water, the screen isn’t responsive to touch, so you have to have the camera launched before you go under water.
  • You use the side button (volume up button) to actually take the picture. This feature was activated on one of the recent iOS fixes. (I’m not positive, but I think it’s also available to be ‘turned on’ under settings)
Maybe this sounds like a hassle? It really wasn’t.  I’m just taking pictures and video under water.  I wasn’t checking Facebook or doing something that required a lot of screen taps like texting.  If I read a book on my phone in the bath or shower, it is a little bit more difficult because the water spray blots the screen.  I just swipe it away with my thumb or a towel, and it works fine again.

Knowing how thrilled I am with my case, Michelle from WaterProofCases.net is offering my readers a discount of the Life Proof Case.

Site: http://www.waterproofcases.net
Use discount code: STARPULP

With my discount code, get 10% off your case PLUS Water Proof Cases will pay your sales tax if you live in the state of Florida. That equates to getting free shipping PLUS a little bit more off.  This is cheaper than most other places like Best Buy.

Hopefully if there are any more of you out there interested in getting a new case, I can help make it a wee bit more affordable for you!

Oh, as if you need another reason to consider this case?  I no longer fear of getting pushed into the pool with my phone in my pocket!

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 What would you do with your phone that you can’t do now if you have a Lifeproof case? 

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