Hale and Hearty 7k Recap

Hale and Hearty  7k
Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chip Time: 55:45

It was tough to get up for this race.  I think I had a sugar hangover from the Krispy Kreme Challenge the night before.  Still I dragged myself out of bed and headed to Riverside Arts Market to get things started. I was really cutting it close and didn’t arrive with much time before the race. Oops. I headed straight to the rest rooms at RAM, but unfortunately there was a really long line. As soon as they started singing the National Anthem, I knew there wasn’t enough time so I switched gears and headed to meet up with Monica at the starting line.

Once we met up, we just had a few moments before the race started to catch up.

The next thing I knew, we were starting.  Funny thing about the start of this race (and the fact that I arrived with little time to scope anything out) is that I couldn’t actually see the starting line from where I stood.  Even the biggest race I’ve done I’ve been able to see the start.  This race the starting line was actually really close, but it was around a bend to the left.

We headed out and ran an “out and back” type course.  Technically it was also a figure 8 course.  I can’t say I’ve ever run a figure 8 course.   This means that the course actually crossed paths at one point.  About mile 3, the course actually crossed over the path we ran shortly after we started.

Around the first mile.. we came across two people, one dressed as a grape and one an orange. Really strange.  I had no idea if they were part of the race or just two random people.  They were handing out grapes and orange slices to everyone as they ran by.

Which Monica had a little mid race fun with her orange slice!

We pressed on until we made it to 5 Points.  I don’t recall ever running through there on another race, so that was a neat moment.

We ran past Mossfire.. mmmm Mossfire…

and the new Chew location, “Black Sheep Restaurant”.  Can’t wait for this to open.  It’s supposed to have a really neat rooftop bar.

Through Avondale.. I last ran this during the Marine Corps Half marathon back in October.

Then we took an unexpected turn.  When I saw the river, I was instantly enlightened.  One of my favorite parts of the Gate River Run is the run on River Road.

It’s absolutely beautiful!

It’s crazy what you notice while running a race though.  Right at the end of the road, I could see someone’s dock that had apparently suffered some damage from Tropical Storm Beryl that had just blown through town the week before.  Looks like it fell and was floating with a outdoor dining set floating right on top.

After that, we took a turn through Memorial Park…

and onto the riverwalk on our way to the finish line..

Seriously a beautiful day.  It was starting to get a bit warm out though.

Next we turned back onto Riverside Ave. to the point where we looped back past the starting line and past RAM.  Adam caught a picture of me trying to cool down at the water station.

Finally we took another turn towards the river at the Yates YMCA.

Such a strange sculpture.  I was thrilled to see this though because I knew at this point I was less than half a mile away from the finish line.  I learned this at the Krispy Kreme Challenge the day before.


Yeuuuuuh!  I was a total brat and zipped past the girl in the blue at the last second. Felt good though.  Especially because that usually happens to ME!

Post race refueling with fresh pineapple and a delicious apple! Much better than the typical banana half.  Took a loop around RAM checking out the food options before we all bee-lined to Bagel Love!

It was a fun event and a really nice course.  The Hale and Hearty 7k is actually going to be held in all 7 counties in the North Florida Area (rumor has it the next one should be in March) which means I probably won’t technically be able to run this course again!  Just might have to do it on a training run for fun. Could be a good long run. 2 loops = 4.6 miles!


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