I came, I ate, I ran..I did it 3x..at the Krispy Kreme Challenge 2012

Krispy Kreme Challenge 2012
June 1, 2012

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Chip Time: 52:33

After a few weeks of contemplation, Facebook and twitter chatter, the event was finally here.  I posted a quick thought on Facebook and jumped in the car to head to the race.


I managed to make it downtown REALLY quick, so there was plenty of time spent waiting around and scoping out the “course”.  The event was held on the riverwalk in downtown Jacksonville starting in front of the Yates YMCA.  It was an out and back course with the turn around point at the Riverside Arts Market (RAM) under the Fuller Warren Bridge.

There were some tables setup with stacks of donuts already.

Aside from still being a little warm, it was a BEAUTIFUL afternoon/early evening downtown.  The first event started promptly at 7pm with the kids race.  They had to eat 4 donuts and then run 1 mile.

The kids didn’t hesitate to get started…

It was super cute to watch.  The kids event was a wide range of ages. Some of the younger kids ate a few bites or even a whole donut before they handed the rest back to their mom or dad.  I saw a few confused parents not expecting the handoff accidentally drop the donuts. Ha! Other kids pressed on, ran, and finished.

After the kids race finished, the adult relay began.  A relay team was made up of three people.  The first person ate 4 donuts, ran a mile. Then the second person ate 4 donuts and then run 1 mile.  Then the third person ate their 4 donuts and run 1 mile finishing the race for their team.

I love how Kerry (in the light blue shirt above) seems to be nibbling on her donuts as if a connoisseur inspecting all the sugary nuances of each bite. lol  After the relay finished, it was the solo runners time to line up.

I found Kerry, Beard Run Jax, and Andy after they finished their relay to ask for any tips. It was highly recommended I seek out the donut lady towards the back in the dark blue shirt. They said she was doing the stack and smush technique before she was handing the donuts out to the runners.

See that stack and smash skill? Lady in the dark blue shirt, you were born to smush donuts.

Mmmm? Dark Blue Shirt Professional Donut Smusher handed out several stacks of the four donuts before our heat started.  I ended up standing there with the stack in hand for about five minutes until they were ready to go.  I could feel the sugary grains melting on my fingers.  It was surprising how heavy the donuts felt in my hand.

FINALLY Paul got on the megaphone.  For the individual round, we had to start by eating 4 donuts, then run 1 mile (out and back).  When we returned, we had to eat another 4 donuts and run another mile.  When we returned for a final time, we had to eat the last four donuts and run one last mile for a total of 12 donuts and 3.1 miles.

It’s really no surprise that this race does not provide the most attractive race photos.   The first four went down slow. I felt as if I was holding a sugar big mac in my hand. I finished and headed out for the first mile.

I was honestly cursing myself at this point because they day before I had the itch to run, so I did. 3 miles on the treadmill.  I’m just getting back into consistent running and my legs were tight… and they reminded me with every single step.

Did I mention it was beautiful out?


Finally made it over to RAM to the U-turn.

And back for round two.  This is where I really started to feel the grossness of the donuts. All the relay people really missed out.  (not really)  Eating 4 and running one mile really wasn’t that bad.  Heading back and eating 4 more was a little ridiculous.

As you can see, the sugar rush was an issue.  I slowly finished that 4 and headed out…

and back again. I know the picture above is blurry, but I had to point out how awesome it was to do a smaller, less formal race.  The guy in the orange shirt above was giving everyone running against him a high five.  Really made the event extra fun.

Round 3. Let’s just say it took me a really LOOOONG time to finish these four.  At this point, I was one of the last 10 people slowly making their way through their donuts.  I almost quit at this point.  I was full, it was hot, I felt gross and to make it even better, my trainer, Gonzolo from Timed Exercise, was standing off to the side heckling me. (In a fun, friendly heckling sort of way) “That will be three burpees next week for every donut you eat today”.  Hmm. That wasn’t in the agreement when I signed on for this race!

To my side there were three girls yaking in a bush (and continuing to finish their donuts and run. cheaters…just kidding)  I started taking smaller bites and nibbles just to slowly make it through.  I had to think about chewing and force myself to swallow. The stack of 4 donuts became a melded, dense glop in my hand. I had to use a cup of water to assist with getting it all down like a professional food eating contestant would. ugh.

I finished the last mile. It was slow. I was definitely glad to be done.

yeah… my thoughts exactly. “no more donuts”  More miles though? Sure!

Oh boy!  After the race, they were passing out leftover donuts to everyone.  I saw one guy who’d just finished grab two 2 dozen donuts. He was pushing a stroller and had two other kids hanging off of him, so I’m guessing they weren’t really for him.  I, on the other hand, had NO interest in taking any donuts home with me.

After the race? I was in a daze. I had what felt like the beginning of a migraine. (It never became one thankfully)  I went straight home, showered, and went to sleep. Yes. I did not eat dinner.  The next day, I woke up and felt like I had a sugar hangover. Is that possible?

Overall, I’ll never do this race again, but it was definitely an interesting experience.  I’m definitely glad I can check this one off as completed.

Oh.. what else will I not do again? Look longingly at another donut. No thanks!  If you need a way to curb your donut craving, this certainly will take care of it.

Now.. what should be my NEXT crazy racing adventure? 


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