National Running Day! Plus Fall & Spring Tentative Race Schedule

To celebrate National Running Day (and the fact I’ve been allergy free for over a month now), I decided to plan out my Fall & Spring running schedule.  What really triggered this was that the Rock n Roll races are offering a $20 discount today.  I was debating back and forth about signing up for the Savannah Half (which would still be $85 after the $25 discount), but ultimately decided against doing it.

I really want to train consistently and complete the Tri2B Tuff races in Jacksonville this year.  I tried to do it last year, but due to inconsistent training, I ended up getting injured on the Thanksgiving Day race. The year before, my job was just too crazy.  So those are my main three races, plus the Ragnar in January.  Then I’ve filled in several shorter favorite races I’ve either done in the past, or would like to do.. and bam. I’m super full now!  This actually looks a little crazy!

Upcoming Races:

Races On My Calendar: (Ones in bold are one’s I’m officially registered for)


  • 9 – Pirates on the Run 10k
  • 17 – 26.2 with Donna (only the half marathon though)

What races are you looking forward to this Fall and Spring? 

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