No more stinky kitchen sponges!

One of the most comforting things is coming home after a day of work and walking into a nice clean kitchen. With the use of antibacterial wipes that have become popular over the past several years, a clean kitchen is even easier to accomplish. With antibacterial wipes, there’s one household cleaning tool that I’ve found myself using less and less often.


The nasty, stinky, dirty sponge. When you first pull the sponge out of it’s packaging, it’s nice and clean, but after one use and a few days on the counter, it turns into an icky, smelly mess. After you use it, your hands and fingers have a mildew smell that doesn’t easily go away. Gross!


Thankfully, I have a solution. Throw it out!

Yes, that solves the problem, but still some messes are just too big for a wipe.

So what’s my real solution? It’s been right in your kitchen all along.

Right inside your freezer. Inside the red solo cup!

Yup! After you use a new sponge, squeeze it out, and put it in your freezer. The next time you need it, grab it and run it under the faucet for a second to thaw it. Then, just use it as normal. When you’re done.. yup! Rinse it, squeeze it out, and stick it in the freezer.


True, this doesn’t remove gross bacteria, just big spills. So, I still finish with a good ol’ swipe with the anti-bacterial wipes. This just makes it a bit more efficient.


This ALSO works for SOS steel wool pads! I used to use them once and throw them out because they leave my sink and counter a rusty mess. Now I put them in the bottom of the red cup in the freezer, and they’re good for 2-3 uses.

Do you have a household tip that makes life easier? Comment and share it below!

4 thoughts on “No more stinky kitchen sponges!

  1. Great idea! I hate having the sponge sitting there all nasty, especially since I don’t use it much. I de-germ with Method cleaner and a cloth that I keep under my sink.

  2. Another way of doing it – keep two sponges. One goes in the dishwasher, the other on your sink, and rotate them every dishwasher cycle. It wears them out a bit faster, but keeps them free of bacteria.

    We also bought a holder that attaches to the side of the sink with suction cups. If you wring it out and hang it in there, it doesn’t sit in its own water and dries out properly, and doesn’t get stinky quite as quickly.

    1. I’ve heard of putting them in the microwave too. I hadn’t thought about swapping them out before. I have heard of the suction cup thing, but my Brita won’t fit for refills if that’s in there.

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