Just a Dozen…

Tonight I will eat 12 glazed Krispy Kreme donuts for charity at the Jax Inaugural Krispy Kreme Challenge.
When I tell people about this event, they exhibit a wide variety of reactions.

The first reaction I personally experienced was…

1 Donut = 242 calories

12 Donuts = 2904 calories

1 mile burns 100 calories (approx)

2904 calories = 29 miles!!

Miles run so far this week: 6 (600 calories)

Miles in the Krispy Kreme Challenge: 3 (300 calories)

Miles in the Hale and Hearty 7k Saturday: 4.3 (430 calories)

Miles on Sunday to continue Runners World Run Streak: 1 mile (100 calories)

Total miles currently scheduled to complete this week: 14.3 miles (1430 calories)

Additional miles I need to run on Sunday to break even: 29 miles – 14.3 miles  = 14.7 (1474 calories)



4 thoughts on “Just a Dozen…

    1. Thanks! Maybe we’ll get lucky and be able to meet up! If you see me around (probably dry heaving), say Hi and we can get a picture (probably dry heaving) together!

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