Dreamette Mandarin

Mmm. Over the weekend, Adam had the misfortune of having his wisdom teeth removed. As a result he couldn’t eat any solid food. I secretly planned to use this to my advantage and made mental plans for froyo that night. That was until I heard that a Dreamette had opened a second location in Mandarin just the day before which is not too far from our place. I’ve never made it over to the original location in Arlington; even though, it’s been open 60 years! We switched gears and decided to head there. Dreamette is good ol’ ice cream NOT froyo. It was so good, it brought back memories of the old ice cream place back in my hometown.

Since they just opened they still have a few last minute details to get to over the next few days including their menu boards. It didn’t matter though because we could easily see what to order. No fancy board needed.

We asked how thin their shakes were because Adam can’t yet drink through a straw. They said their shakes were so thick the spoon stands straight up. He ordered the peanut butter chocolate shake. I’d say they were pretty accurate about the spoon bit. Let me say this was so freakin delicious. Wow. When you take your first spoonful, it is a peanut butter chocolate smack in the face.

I couldn’t make up my mind, so I went with the good standby of a brownie sundae. They heated the brownie up before they put the ice cream on top. Then smothered it in warm chocolate syrup. Of course with a cherry on top. The brownie was even still warm and delicious after I slowly made my way down to it.

I admit, this was really good, but I was kicking myself the whole time wishing I’d gotten the Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake. I hate it when I order something, only to be wishing I had ordered what someone else had ordered.

Step aside brownie sundae. You’re good, but that Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake should be front and center.

When we first walked in, there was a table full of chatty highschool girls having a good time. As soon as we got our food, they left so we were able to spend some time talking to the new owner, Kim Pennington, about the new store. She and her staff were super nice and generally friendly to talk to. I highly recommend a visit to either Dreamette location if you need something sweet!


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