Palm Valley Fish Camp

This is my favorite restaurant. Seriously. Absolutely

We had several friends tell us how great this places was so we FINALLY had to try it. I managed to get a certificate for the place which has been extremely difficult since then. It was a good thing we got one though, because we’ve gone several times since without the coup.

If you plan on going, MAKE A RESERVATION. They have a smallish bar you can grab a drink and get food at, but it’s usually packed too.


When you sit down, you notice the chalkboard door that displays the days featured items and specials. I pretty much just stick with the fish special when we go and haven’t strayed since. They also hand you a menu which you can also check out on their website.

We really like their Steamed Gulf Coast Oysters. These come in 3 or 5 lbs orders. This is the 5 lb order.

Oooh look. A wee little oyster. Don’t worry. they didn’t actually serve this to me. It was attached to one of the real oysters.

Mmm I like mine on a saltine w/ some buttah, and a dollop of cocktail sauce.

Now this is drool-worthy. This is their Blackened Mahi Mahi with Collard Greens and Creamy Grits. Everything on this plate is absolutely amazing. The Mahi Mahi is seasoned perfectly. The Collard Greens are moist and delicious.

And then there’s the grits. These are seriously melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I previously had reservations about grits, but these are creamy, not grainy, super tasty grits. Don’t entirely write off grits until you try these. These are unlike anything else you’ve most likely ever had.

I couldn’t even finish, so they were nice enough to pack it up for me. I liked that they put the date on it and where it was from so I wouldn’t have to open it up and do the “sniff test”. Plus, 5.1 was my birthday! We chose to go to PVFC to celebrate!

And of course, we couldn’t leave without trying the Cranberry Bread Pudding. This was amazing. Warm, sweet, and gooey. I thought it was going to be really cranberry-ey, but it wasn’t. It was just a hint of cranberry sweetness.

Price-wise Palm Valley is a bit out of my regular price range, so we typically save it for a special occasion or when we can find a special. This place is definitely worth it though!
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