Come “PR” with me!

Originally published on the Hale and Hearty 7k blog

I have to admit, one of the things that initially sparked my interest in the Hale and Hearty 7k is that it is, in fact, a 7k. 7k is an atypical race distance.  (You can read about the significance behind the race distance here.) Typical race lengths are 1 mile, 5k, 10k, 10 mile, 15k, half marathon or full marathon. I’ve actually managed to run, limp or hobble through all of these distances already except for the full marathon. I’ve even done a 6k in the Outback Distance Classic (now known as the Subaru Distance Classic) which is on Thanksgiving.

One distance I have not yet raced is a 7k.  A 7k adds up to 4.3 miles.  To me, this means INSTANT PR!  In case you’re new to running races, a PR is an acronym for “Personal Record”. A personal record can be acquired one of two ways: fastest time you have run a specific distance or the farthest you’ve ever run. I’ve already managed to somehow finish two half marathons, so my current Personal Record for running distance is 13.1 miles. As a result, this won’t qualify as my longest race to date. This race WILL qualify as the fastest I’ve ever run a 7k race…. because I’ve NEVER run a 7k race before!! The first time you ever run any race distance automatically counts as a PR!

Knowing you had a great run is one of the best feelings ever.  Knowing you finished the race with a PR is unbeatable! It gives you a runners high that lasts all day. It’s invigorating knowing you succeeded in completing a goal you set out to achieve. It’s also an extremely motivating feeling.  Many runners attribute this post-race glory to convince them to sign up for their next race.

Knowing all this, how could I possibly turn this opportunity down?  If this will be your first race ever or your first time running  7k, I encourage you to come run with me and get an instant PR!

Hale and Hearty 7k
June 2, 2012 8am

Stacey Steiner is a local runner and blogger at Stacey just completed her fifth Gate River Run 15k this past spring.  Her blog focuses on race recaps, healthy recipes, product reviews, event promotion, and contests. A proclaimed social media nerd, she has even been know to tweet (@starpulp) while running a race! You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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