Glazed and Confused at Jax Inaugural Krispy Kreme Challenge

Mmm..  I’m not sure anything compares to a warm, gooey fresh glazed donut.


The only thing that might come close in my mind is the amazing taste explosion of an ice cold beer (in a plastic cup, of course) after a run.  Enjoying a draft beer is wonderful, but enjoying a draft beer after I just ran anywhere from 3 to 13.1 miles is absolutely “throw a bucket of gatorade over my coaches head” refreshing.  Who am I kidding, enjoying a beer after a brief walk to the fridge is amazing.

(FYI, those two beers were the grossest, most amazing beers I’ve had post-race.
Me, Katherine, and Lauren post 2009 Gate River Run. We EARNED those beers, trust me.)

If I swapped this amazing post-run beverage for a fresh, glazed donut, I can only imagine it would be wonderful….right?  Well, lucky for me, I soon get to find out and you can too!

Jacksonville will be hosting the Jax Inaugural Krispy Kreme Challenge on Friday, June 1. (official website)  With the event being smack-dab in the middle of summer (June 1) as well as in the early evening (7pm), I’m expecting some deliciously warm, gooey donuts.

What exactly does this “Krispy Kreme Challenge” entail? There are several variations of a “Krispy Kreme Run” being held all over the nation, but for this specific race, here is the general premise:

Run 1 mile
Eat 4 donuts
Repeat two more times for a total of 3 miles and 12 donuts.

Yumulicious, right?   What? No? Eating 12 donuts in the Florida summer heat after running 3 miles doesn’t sound fantabulous?


Hmm.. ok.  What if they threw in a charity element?

The official charity of the Jax Inaugural Krispy Kreme Challenge is the Special Olympics of Duval County.  Do it for the kids!

I originally heard of this event on Carrots n Cake’s blog “Eat Donuts and get UNCOMFORTABLE“. Isn’t that a motivating title?  When I read her humourous event recap, I knew I definitely wanted to sign up for this race if there was ever one near Jacksonville, FL.  I am a huge fan of “adventure races” like Color Me Rad, Ragnar Relay, etc. so this one just had to be on that list.  Will I do this race twice? Uh, probably not.

So maybe you think 12 donuts sounds like a bit much.  Well, it could be worse!  At least it isn’t 12 Krispy Kreme cake donut!  Or worse, sausage, egg, and bacon sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme donuts x6 (to equal 12 donuts).


If the thought of running 3 miles and downing 12 donuts still makes your stomach a little queasy, consider signing up as a relay! This race has an option for you to grab 3 friends and form a team.  Each person will eat 4 donuts and then run 1 mile and suffer as a team rather than in isolation.


MMmm nothing says friendship than doing this with 2 other friends.


Although I imagine it will really look more like this photo above – each teammate squatting on the ground, suffering through a measly 4 donuts. At least you won’t be alone. This will definitely test camaraderie.

On a side note, while I was falling down the “google rabbit hole” searching for funny photos I could use for this post, I came across this site which ironically posts another fun summer race as #2 food and drink competition….The Run For The Pies!

OK so by now I’ve definitely motivated you to get off that couch and sign up for, so now here’s your chance to win a free race entry into the race!

Just comment below with how many donuts you think I’ll throw up after I pass the starting line for a chance to win a race entry!


{Yes, I’m crazy pants about running. Personal Running Solutions provided me with a free race entry because they’re nice. I didn’t even have to technically post a blog, but how could I not tell everyone about this?  Besides, it’s for charity! All thoughts and obsession about running are entirely my own and not influenced by Paul or Personal Running Solutions.}

7 thoughts on “Glazed and Confused at Jax Inaugural Krispy Kreme Challenge

    1. Boiler Up! Yes! The thought of eating that many donuts is gross, but I like a fun challenge! I also see a long run in my future the following Sunday!

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