Food Truck: Monroe’s Smokehouse BBQ

I just love beautiful Friday afternoons! This time of year is great because it is so gorgeous outside. I’m trying to take advantage of every opportunity I can to enjoy the nice weather. Soon it will be hot, HOT, and I’ll want nothing but to hibernate next to the ac unit.

Friday was one of those beautiful days. Add on the fact that it was Friday (TGIF!), and I had to escape the office for lunch. I’d seen on the Jax Truckies Facebook page earlier that morning the list of trucks out and about that day. I scanned the list and saw Monroe’s Smokehouse BBQ was actually going to be just a short drive away from my office. From what I have noticed, the food trucks are mostly just downtown and only in the Southside area once or twice a week.  I instant messaged Blakeley, and we decided to meet up. She placed a quick phone call and found out they opened at 11:30 am and accept credit cards!

It took me a second to actually find where they were setup. I knew it was near Viskaton in Deerwood, but that’s all I knew. I drove a few circles around some of the parking lots and finally located them.  This is mostly my fault for not researching more closely before I let as to where they actually setup.

Their menu board could use a little re-write.  It’s a bit runny, regardless, I quickly saw what I wanted. MAC N CHEESE! Ok but that’s not a real meal (or shouldn’t be). So I also ordered the Lunch PLate of Pulled Pork with a side of mac and a side of Sweet Potato Fries without cinnamon/sugar).

Everyone was super nice when we ordered.  You can tell they enjoy what they do and talking with the customers.

They had plenty of supplies so we could enjoy our BBQ exactly how we like. Note the Tabasco, Pepperoncini (I know what this is now!), salt and pepper, and ketchup in the background.

They also have a wide variety of sauces for the sauce obsessed (Jax Food Critic, I’m pointing at you!) Not only did they have mustard sauce, they had a spicy mustard sauce. Interesting.

Mmmm. I tried their Sweet Sauce and Mustard Sauce. That white container holds my mac n cheese!  I was soooo hungry on Friday. I had only had a granola bar for breakfast because I was so busy so I could not WAIT to dig in.  Everything was delicious. I personally don’t care for the bread.  I wish I could swap that out for another side – but then again..what BBQ place doesn’t include bread on the side.  It’s pretty much expected at a place like this.

Blakeley ordered the Carolina Pulled Pork Platter with sweet potato souffle, mac n cheese and a sweet tea.

I do have to say one thing that makes this location so awesome was there were shaded tables and chairs not too far away.  One bummer with food trucks is that often there’s not a place to sit other than the curb or back at your desk in your cube.  I hope more food trucks are able to gravitate to this location on other days of the week because of the chairs! (and because it’s really close to my work!)

Have you eaten at Monroe’s Smokehouse BBQ? What did you think?
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4 thoughts on “Food Truck: Monroe’s Smokehouse BBQ

  1. It really was SO good! And the perfect location. And the staff recognized us just from tweeting at them for three straight hours prior to our visit :). Can’t wait for the next food truck lunch break!

  2. wow that looks so very delicious and gorgeous weather wish it would like the same at my place haha :). Great article i enjoyed readng it alot 😀

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