St. Augustine City Scramble Recap

August 7, 2010

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City Scramble is a fun “amazing race” scavenger hunt type event for teams of two. You’re not allowed to use anything with wheels to assist you. So cars, bikes, skate boards and more are all excluded. You need to be prepared to do 5-6 miles on foot. Everyone participating meets at one location. Our location was Mill Top Tavern. Once it’s finally time, everyone is given a rule sheet with 10-12 ‘clues’ on them. Each clue leads you to a different location. You need to figure out the clues so that you can figure out where to go. Run/walk/skip to that place. Each place you either need to take a photo to show proof of being there or complete a challenge activity. You can use any sort of technology to solve the clues.
Things to know:
  • If you want to win, expect lots of running sprinting. The first place team can win $500 cash! (That’s $100 per mile or $50 per teammate per mile)
  • You don’t have to play to win. You can do it for the experience and fun. I had only been to St. Augustine a few times, but after participating in the City Scramble, I know the city a lot better.
  • If you really want a chance to win, use technology to your advantage. Have two smart phones. One for each of you.
  • If you really, REALLY want a good chance to win, have two friends “on call” and ready to go 30 minutes before your start time. Yes, you can use any technology to your advantage which also includes your friend’s computers over the phone line. Don’t waste your time trying to load everything on your smart phone. When you get your sheet of clues, have one team member take the odd questions with one friend on the phone and you take the even questions with their friend on the phone. Work out what you can, and swap what clues are left. Each location leads to a clue. When you find out what the location is, write down the address on your sheet of paper and the location. Have one friend (which ever one is more computer saavy) tell you the quickest route between places based on your current location, plan your route, and go! Sprint, don’t walk until you pass “GO!” with your winnings!
  • Another reason to have two friends ready? One friend may NOT quite have their computer fully booted up when it’s time even though you called them 30 minutes and 15 minutes prior to the start of the race to make sure they’re ready. Yet another reason to have two (or more) friends “on call” to assist. Hey! We’re in it to win it!
  • If you don’t already have a map of the local area when you arrive, grab as many touristy publications as you can. Some have better maps than others. Find one (or two) that work best (one for each of you), and get ready.
  • Do NOT bring or wear anything you don’t need other than your phones and pencil. Anything extra you are wearing or carrying is added weight you don’t need. I stupidly wore one of those light sack backpacks, which after 5 miles of sprinting, was a dead weight.
  • Eat breakfast. Seriously, if you plan to win, you’re running 5 miles. Prep like you would 10k race. Eat something, not heavy. Don’t drink coffee. You don’t want to waste time in the bathroom etc. We were well bathroom’d before the race, but still only finished 10 minutes behind the winners.
  • Adam was really smart and wore his camelbak. He has a nice one that’s fairly comfortable to run with (mine’s bigger and bulkier so I didn’t wear it). With all that running we were really thirsty.

Here’s everyone at the start of the race at Milltop Tavern. You can see the race coordinator on the steps with a megaphone.

Here’s Adam and I each on our phones with our “phone an at-home friend” assistants.

One great thing about this race was that it started early (around 8am) which meant everything was empty. There weren’t a lot of people to bob and weave between. It was certainly REALLY strange to be there with it this empty.

A great example of how bad I am at taking pictures of me and Adam. Our first clue was to take a picture of a conquistador’s weapon. We had no clue what a conquisador is. Thankfully our “at home” players were able to Google this quickly and find out a conquisador is a spanish soldier and that they used cannons! We kept our eyes peeled as we completed other clues and snapped a picture with the first one we ran past.

We actually had someone else offer to take our picture here. I have a totally goofy look on my face.

Here’s my first attempt at a photo. I’m not even IN the picture! I’m TERRIBLE at this.

Finally, success! This clue led us to the Gonzalez-Alvarez House.

St. Francis Inn.. we were actually confused. We didn’t need this picture. Out front of this place there was a small park. We had to do an activity. One team member had to hula hoop while the other teammate dug in a bucket to find army men. On the bottom of each army guy wAs a letter. We then had to unscramble the letters to make a word. Not very complicated but interesting.

More running..

My face is starting to get red here!

Thankfully you can’t tell in this picture, but I was so overheated at this point my face started turning green!

Another couple from the event took a picture of us here. I bought a brand new camera right before this event. It was right after this picture that she dropped it right into the sand.

Oh THIS was a fun one. we had to walk on these boards at the same time like they’re skis.

Definitely involved some coordination and took us a turn or two to figure it out!

Some photos were really difficult to get a picture of us AND the sign in.

At the end, everyone returned to Mill Top Tavern to return everything.

My friend Maureen and her boyfriend (now husband) in the grey were also there.

Afterwards we all hung out while we waited for more people to return.

I was sooo glad to be done. We DIDN’T win, but I didn’t think 9th was really that bad. We were team “Brains and Brawn” below.

We had fun and would definitely sign up for this event again! It’s actually been in Jacksonville once since, but we were out of town.

It’s actually coming back to St. Augustine October 20th. You should sign up!

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