LifeProof iPhone Case Giveaway!

I’ve now been using my LifeProof iPhone case for almost two months and I LOVE it!

You can check out my review and learn more about the case here.

I’ve used the LifeProof Case during the Rugged Maniac, MuckRuckus MS Mud Run, Gate River Run, and the Corporate Run 5k!

Since I love it so much, (& it’s iPhones birthday – 1 year. They grow up so fast!), LifeProof sent me another iPhone case for me to giveaway to my readers! One reader will win their very own LifeProof iPhone Case AND a belt clip.

If you have a LifeProof iPhone case, what would it protect you from? Are you a dropper? Would you run with it? Do something else?

Comment below with your answer, fill out the Rafflecopter form below to confirm it and learn ways you can get additional entries!

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21 thoughts on “LifeProof iPhone Case Giveaway!

    1. I would give it to my college-aged daughter who will be living at the beach and the pool this summer. Nothing worse than a drama queen whose phone got dropped in the water.

      But then again, I’m the one who was holding my phone as I went down the stairs to the hot tub, and next thing I knew I slipped and was on the bottom – still holding my phone. Done for.

  1. I would LOVE to have this case! A friend of mine has one and loves it. Being from FL this case would be case to take to Universal Orlando!

  2. Definitely use it for the beach. Sick of having to leave my phone in my car all the time because of water and sand. Would love to actually be able to take it with me.

    1. I cannot agree more! I would always put my old phone in a ziplock bag, but this is soo much easier. Plus after the beach when it has sand stuck to it, I can just rinse off the phone when I rinse off my feet!

    1. Yes, it’s great to use on a boat. I went boating last weekend and didn’t have to worry about it getting splashed. Although, if it got bumped out of my hand and fell into the river, I might have had an issue!! eek!

  3. I’d love to have one because I like to swimm a lot and taking pictures! And also i’m a big dropper!

    1. Yes! It was awesome for the two mud runs I ran with it. I’d be afraid the electric shock obstacle in TM might affect the phone? (No idea if that’s possible…)

  4. I am a very bad person when it comes to cell phones. So I was definitely surprised I thought I could handle an iPhone. My old phones have been dropped in the toilet, in puddles, one fell in the lake, and thrown in a birthday cake. So if I had this case it would save my life, phone, and wallet!

  5. I want to swim with it, like Entourage! Also, I will donate the belt clip to charity because I’m a nice guy.

  6. Well, let’s see. If I had a LifeProof case, I wouldn’t have shattered my screen at the pool!! Definitely need one of these … I think I may be the world’s biggest klutz.

  7. I’m a serial dropper of my phones. I used to have a Blackberry, so dropping it was never really an issue. Those things are hardy little phones, but I’m TERRIFIED of cracking the glass screen in my new iPhone 4S. the lifeproof case would save me from that, plus I could use it on runs and not be afraid of water damage if the heavens open up!

    1. Yup’ it’s great for running! I just shove it in my bra. No worries about it getting sweat damaged!

      Plus it’s safer to run with your phone. If you fall or sprain your ankle, you can call a friend to pick you up!

    1. Yes!! I’m signed up to do Color Me Rad (basically the same thing) in September. I can’t WAIT to see the awesome photos I’ll capture w/ my phone!! 🙂

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