Corporate 5k 2012 Race Recap

2012 Corporate 5k
April 12, 2012

Previous Corporate 5k:
2010 – Corporate 5k – 28 minutes (unofficial)
2011 – Corporate 5k – 37:31

Chip Time: 36:38

The Corporate Run has really been a running rollercoaster for me! The first year I heard about this race, I had no team to run on. The second year, I said “screw it” and ran it rogue…only to get a 28 minute unofficial PR. (Doesn’t count!) Then the next year…37+ minutes. (whomp womp, wahhhh). At least this year, I saw improvement 36+ minutes. Phew. Really surprising since I’ve been sick for two months.

About ready to start!

I’m lined up near the 11 minute flag. I would expect those “Navy” shirts to be a little closer to the starting line!

At the start, the sun was bright!

There were a lot of matching corporate team shirts. I really love the companies that really go all out for their employees at this race. You can rent space for a tent, get matching shirts, get an official team photo, have a post run BBQ etc!

Almost to the starting line! You could feel the crowd start to buzz with excitement right when everyone realized there was a cameraman just to the left of the starting line filming!

….aaaand we’re off!

There’s that sun again!

The course is an out and back that runs right through downtown Jacksonville. Starts at EverBank Field, runs just past the Times-Union Center, then it turns around and then heads back almost the same way it came. .

We ran past the Times-Union Center…

…and the Jacksonville Landing…

…and the Wells Fargo building.

Whoever’s “genius” idea it was to add these rough pavers right downtown was NOT considering all the races that occur downtown. These were really dangerous. I’ll be surprised if no one tweaked an ankle on these. Since all three intersections leading to the Landing now have these, it must be almost impossible to avoid them when planning a race course.

The pictures really don’t do it justice. Here they look flush when they definitely are not!

Woohoo! They actually got a race photo of me!

Overall, I did much better compared to last year.  If I wasn’t sick, I would have done probably 3-4 minutes overall faster.  Can’t wait to get back out there and run!!


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