MuckRuckus MS Mud Run 2012

2012 MuckRuckus MS Mud Run
(Previously called the MS Mud Run)

March 24, 2012

Previous Mud Runs:
2010 – MS Mud Run
2011 – MS Mud Run
2012 – Rugged Maniac

Chip Time: 1 hour, 43 minutes, 6 seconds

The Radical Mudslingers are at it again!  Our THIRD Mud Run together!!

We pulled into the Jacksonville Equestrian Center at around 9am.  Our run time was 10 am.  I was pretty nervous because they didn’t have advance packet pickup.  I like to get all this paperwork stuff out of the way so I don’t have to worry about anything the morning of the event other than getting to the starting line on time. (Seriously, some races, that’s tough enough to accomplish)

The line for pickup wasn’t actually that long and everything went pretty smooth.  This was the mud run that I had to wear a race number for.  It was kinda silly because they had us put it on our backs.  Typically for a race you wear your race number on the front.  This way, when photographers are trying to catalog the photos afterwards, they keyword it with your race number so you’re more easily found.  Not exactly sure why we had race numbers on our backs for this event.  We also zip tied a chip to our shoe.

Adam and Leif pre-mudding.


Adam and I in our typical pre-race photo.

I was REALLY thirsty so I found the tent where they were giving away free fake gatorade and drank one of those.  It was surprisingly good and didn’t even have HFCS in it.

This is the kids mud zone.  Pretty cute.

This is an over view of the racing area.  Last year everyone parked near where the “Start line” was and walked into the woods near where the #20 is. I believe there were some complaints last year that the course wasn’t “spectator friendly” so that could be why they changed it up. I thought it was a lot nicer this year, because we didn’t have to walk as far to get to anything.  NOT that walking is a big deal. I mean, we’re about to go run 6 miles in the mud, we can obviously handle a couple hundred yards of walking.  It’s just a bit frustrating when you have to walk there to get your stuff, then walk back to the car to put it away, then walk to the starting line to star the race.  THEN when the race is over, you need to walk to the car to get your change of clothes, then walk back to the start to get hosed off, then walk back to the start to put your wet clothes away then walk back to the start to get your free food and beer… you get the point. MUCH better layout this year.  This seems to get better every year.


Here we are all lined up at the starting line!

The start was a lot of fun!  They had hoses on top spraying water that just really made it exciting!

…I think Adam was trying to drink the water..

The first obstacle was a good warm up.  We had to climb over these huge plastic tubes.  Essentially this meant attempting to haul myself over them awkwardly.

Funny thing is, while we were climbing over, there were other people crawling through!  I thought that was pretty clever.

Next came this strange obstacle where we ran through a whole bunch of inflated balls.

Honestly, it wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated it to be. They were pretty far apart, so we just ran right through.

Then there was some more running.

A lot of the race looked like this.. pavement, running, trees..

Oh! A stack of tires! Joy!

It’s hard to see, but that orange sign on the left says something like “beware of hazardous materials”.

This is a new obstacle.  Climb up the ladders on one side, slide down a fireman pole on the other. There was someone standing in front of the sign, but this was obviously “firehouse subs” obstacle.

This year they added a 5k route in addition to the usual 10k route.  We do not support this short cut. (& yes, I saw two people decide to take it at the last second. Wimps)

The ol’ over, under. Over one log, dunk into the water and go under the other.


Yay! Tiffany and me running while looking pretty hardcore..or something…

Teeter totters. Hm.. compared to other obstacles we’ve done in the past for this race and the Rugged Maniac, these were.. kinda.. wimpy?  They did have a secret surprise to them though.  They were REALLY slippery. So they looked like not much, but were tricky.  Check out Leif in the green below about to slip off!

We could hear this one coming up through the trees…it had ACDC’s “Thunderstruck” playing really loudly…   There were bright white flashes of light coming from underneath it.  We did NOT know what to expect when we were crawling into it… it was pretty fun.  Water splashing underneath it, strobe light, speakers.

“THUNDER!  na, na, na, nA, na, na, na, naaaa, nah.. THUNDER!” [insert major guitar rift]

I have to point out all the obstacles this year were made from this orange painted medal which was sooo much better than previous years. They were sturdier and didn’t come with the long-lasting surprise of splinters.  While the obstacles were sturdier, they also weren’t as high.  Last year, this obstacle was 3x as high as this.

Then we had to run up a mud pile & slide down the other side.

After seeing this pic, I now know why the water was so warm! [look again]

I chose this moment to take care of a much  needed fart apparently.

Oh good, there’s medical help nearby in case I need assistance.

“I’m not really a Doctor, but I dress like one during Mud Runs!”

In case you were wondering, they DO have water stations during this mud run because it’s a long one, 6 miles. They also had Gatorade too.

Team Radical Mudslingers! [not pictured: Adam, the camera man]


Oh boy! Swimming!

Jason took this pic. I love how ‘toy-like” Adam looks out in the water.

If you look in front of Adam, you can see a row of white plastic.  These were folding tables that were tied together with rope.  There was a volunteer on the side of the pond informing everyone that the obstacle broke and we could either swim across or walk around.

While swimming across this pond is actually fun and refreshing, this was disappointing.  This is one of the few obstacles I don’t have a picture of in last year’s recap.  Last year, the tables were slightly farther apart and floating on some sort of foam.   It looks like they tried to do it differently this year, and it didn’t work.  This was so much fun last year because when you ran across the tables, they would slightly squish into the water. You felt like you were going to fall in with every step. You had to keep running and moving or you would!

Havin fun!

See? Race numbers on the back. So strange. Plus when the shirts got wet, all the numbers did was stick to your back.

You can see one of the tables sticking out in this picture.

Oh joy! More running on pavement in the middle of nowhere.

This obstacle was really dumb. We just had to slide across.

Not fair. He’s so tall, he can just squat and walk across.

This was not hard at all.

This one was interesting. I enjoyed the creativity and having to crawl.

Only problem was it really reeked of horse manure! Like really bad. I’m hoping it’s just the smell of the hay.

Could NOT wait to get outta there!

Hm, more of these things.

At least they’re grated somewhat so they’re less slippery.

As soon as I thought that, I fell right on my butt.

More running.

Whew! Suddenly we were back out on the field again!

Ooh a fun climb of netting.

Doesn’t that look like so much fun? I liked this one because I really had to use my strength to get up. Plus Leif had a head start (as you can see in the green on the left), so I wanted to try and beat him.  I came close, but not quite.

Interesting.  I wasn’t too hot on this obstacle to begin with, and especially wasn’t once the volunteer started talking.  He was exclaiming “Be careful!” and “The water is really shallow” and “Someone got hurt earlier”. Great. I stepped on the blue platform… walked right through. stepped down onto the grass..and stepped into the mudpile. No sense in getting hurt today.

Everyone else had a go at it.


and THIS is why I didn’t do that obstacle. Right on the other side was a girl who looked like she sprained her ankle.  She also looked like she was in a LOT of pain. Her three friends were trying to calm her down and take off her shoe.

This obstacle is a favorite.

“eeh eeh eeeh oooh oooh oooh”

More mud piles to run over!

At this point, Leif decided to roll around in the mud.

I guess he hadn’t gotten dirty enough for the end of the race.

This was pretty interesting!  There was a rope you hung onto, and it carried you over and across the water.  I looked at pictures on the Muck Ruckus Facebook page the next day, and they made the ropes shorter so it was more challenging!

This obstacle sucked.  I don’t think anyone in our group enjoyed it.  You climbed up to the top part. Then a volunteer was shouting from the ground that we should roll on our side down to the middle.  Right. Brilliant idea. I nearly ripped my ear off. Adam got rope burn on his arm and forehead. Stupid, stupid idea.

Leif successfully mudded himself.

Tiffany is always the good sport.

The we had to crawl through the tunnels from the very first obstacle while people climbed over us!

Do you see him?

Yes!!  I beat Batman!

The line for this obstacle was really backed up.

We looked at what it was and decided to move on. We were almost to the end, and it was going to take forever to get through this one.

Just LOOK at that line!

The absolute last obstacle was guaranteed to get you completely wet (and rinsed off) if you hadn’t managed to get wet yet.

I had serious hesitation at this point. I literally stood at the top looking down for an entire minute.

A 3 foot jump into 5 feet of muddy water!


Anne and the boys came out to cheer us on.  They were all waaay too clean. Leif decided to help Anne get “into the spirit”

Then it was time to wash off!  This was coordinated great because it was on asphalt instead of muddy grass like it usually is.

Scariest part of the race, I tell ya!

Huuuge thanks to Firehouse Subs for being a sponsor and providing food after the race.  On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten, this was about a 9.5. (The grits at Palm Valley Fish Camp are a 10 in case you’re wondering why I couldn’t give this a full 10)

Overall this race was fun.  It definitely wasn’t as challenging as it had been in the past.  In fact, I thought it might have even been easier than the year before.  This was pretty surprising because I felt like I was in even worse shape than the year before, but maybe not.  With the way my allergies have been this Spring, I’m really not complaining about a slightly easier Mud Run this year.  I definitely needed it to be a bit easier.  I am definitely mentally preparing for next year already.

Who wants to sign up with us?? We have room on our team!

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    1. Yes! So much fun! Did you read the other recaps too? You might want to look into Jax Mud Fest too. Same venue, but it’s in September, I think!

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