So Hungry for Catching Fire!

I saw Hunger Games Friday night.  I bought our ticket earlier in the week because I was afraid the Friday night show would sell out.  It was full, but I’m pretty sure I could have bought tickets up until showtime. We showed up at the theater about an hour before showtime to ensure we could get a decent seat.  We did.  We ended up about halfway up, direct center. I do not know how people sit in the very front seats. That cannot be enjoyable!  It was awesome that some of our friends ended up waiting right next to us in line, so we all got to sit together.  Totally unplanned.


Overall… I loved it! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and my eyes got misty in just the first few minutes! I’ve read the first book so far, so I knew what whats going to happen.  Still, it was thrilling and exciting to see everything. I felt they really did a great job of staying true to the book. They cut out a few details, but from what I could tell, they weren’t critical to the plot – unless they resurface in Book 2 or 3.

They also did a good job explaining the story if someone hadn’t read the book.  I recommend seeing the movie even if you haven’t read it yet.  You could always pick up reading with book 2.  ALTHOUGH, the book is such an easy read, you may be able to read the book in a few days and see the movie NEXT weekend while it’s still in the theaters.


Loved some of the costumes.  They did a great job of somehow knowing the vision in my head when I read the book and staying true to that.  At the same time, they had some impressive ideas of the outlandish clothing in The Capitol especially the beard on Seneca Crane played by Wes Bentley.

Only major thing that was missing from the book was Katness’ inner monologue. Knowing what she was thinking in the book really added suspense and explained a lot of why she did what she did.

I really enjoyed the movie.  I’m sure I’ll see this again when it comes out on DVD. What about you?

Did you see Hunger Games yet?  Comment below with what you thought!




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