Weekly Recap Feb 13-19

Whew, another week. This year seems to be slipping away quickly!

Monday 2/13

Whew! Sunday I ran 8 miles of the Breast Cancer Half Marathon. I hadn’t been training at all, so I didn’t finish the whole thing. Regardless, I was pretty sore on Monday! Mostly around my ankles and shins. Really glad to be able to run again! As a result I took Monday morning off. Plus, on Monday, my allergies kicked into high gear! I spent the whole afternoon sneezing every :30-seconds. So frustrating. The sinus congestion was horrible.

Tuesday 2/14

Happy Valentine’s Day! Still suffered from allergies. Ridiculous. Seriously considering getting allergy shots. Anyone else get allergy shots? Any advice or doctor recommendations in Jax?

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a nice dinner made at home.

Wednesday 2/15


Timed: 323 calories
Almost able to do what resembles an actual dip!
Frustrated by the fact I had to mod the atomic situps. Just not strong enough and my form was struggling as a result.

I completed reps 21, 18, and almost all of 15 fully completing the sprawls.

After work we had our monthly Social Media Club Jacksonville meeting at Intuition, so I zipped on over there to get everything ready.

Thursday 2/16

Exhausted from a late night at SMCJAX, so I didn’t make it to t:e again. After work I zipped on over to Speckled Hen Tavern to meet up with some girlfriends for dinner before we headed to the Regal Avenues to see The Vow. Dinner was ok.  I think I just ordered the wrong stuff, but nothing on the menu was really reaching out to me.  As for the movie – What a tear jerker!

Friday 2/17

Had to go into work super early on Friday so no t:e today.  Thought about going after work, but it was such a rainy mess when I left.  I was really exhausted.  Adam had late duty all week, and wanted me to meet him out at Intuition.  Twist my arm!

Saturday 2/18

Whew. Busy day! Both Adam and I had to work in the morning for a few hours. We met up around 11 a.m. at First Watch in Mandarin. Afterwards, we came back to the townhouse and I passed out on the couch while he tested his new fishing reel out. I never nap, so this was really nice. I was exhausted. Afterwards we headed to the shooting range. I’ve never shot a gun before in my life, but it does seem like a necessary evil that I needed to learn. We spent about an hour at Bullseye which was surprisingly a nice place.


After that we headed to the Yates YMCA for some Racquetball. Racquetball honestly sucked because my knee wasn’t playing along. I have arthritis in my knee, and it was really bothering me. Then we went home, hung out, relaxed and cooked dinner.


Yay! Finally able to get a run in, we ran 4 miles at the Nocatee Greenway Trails which are quickly becoming my new favorite place to run.

Running the whole area is around 3 miles, it’s paved, quiet and fairly easy to get to.

Afterwards Adam got his hair cut while I zipped thru Publix shopping.

Then we hightailed it out to Tallahassee to have lunch with his mom to celebrate her birthday.

Made it back to Jacksonville around 8pm, quickly did chores and then crashed.



So overall, I would see this week as a fail.  It was just a wonky week since I was super sore from the race on Sunday and then just too busy. My goal each week is to make it to t:e 3x a week, which didn’t happen.  I also want to start training by completing two mid-week shorter runs and one long run on Sunday.

Timed Exercise: 3x

Running: 3x


 Goals for Feb 20-26:

  • Timed Exercise 3x
  • 2-3 Short Runs
  • 1 Long Run





I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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