Race Recap: Breast Cancer (Half) Marathon 2012

I signed up for the 26.2 with Donna Breast Cancer Half Marathon several months ago before the Subaru Distance Classic (the Thanksgiving Half Marathon). At that half marathon, I ended up with what I believe was Achilles Tendonitis. The only way to heal from that is to do no running. Ugh. I’d only completed two short 3 milers before the BCM came around. Since I’d already registered, I figured why not start the race, enjoy the experience, and just see how it goes.

Started laying out my most important items on the kitchen table the night before. Race Number, cell phone, gloves, ear warmers, and chapstick!! The day of the race was absolutely FREEZING!! I was TOTALLY glad I splurged and bought the $1 gloves and $1 ear warmer back in October. At the time I thought it was ridiculous that I bought them, but now I know it wasn’t. Seriously, it was 34 degrees but with windchill it was 24 degrees. I’ve never ever ran in that cold of weather before. Thankfully it was crystal clear out and beautiful.

Our traditional “wait! stop, we have to take a pre race pic together!’ moment. Love the glow of the pink lights.

So getting to this race can sometimes be challenging. I mean, obviously several people made it there just fine. When I ran it two years ago, I managed to get a random VIP parking pass. This year, not so lucky!

There was an fairly decent bus shuttle system available, but I just remembered all the horror stories we had last time when we ran our relay. There wasn’t even a bus when I had completed my leg of the relay, so I rode in the back of someone’s pickup truck with 14 other runners. Mass chaos.

So this year we decided to stick our bikes in the back of Adams truck. We parked the truck at the old Winn-Dixie parking lot at the corner of San Pablo & Beach blvd.  We lucked out by parking there because there was a whole row of empty port-o-lets!  We took advantage of those and ended up not having to wait in line at the starting line.  We hoped on our bikes and rode over to the starting line.  I was afraid it was going to be freezing, but it wasn’t that bad. It was quick. I was surprised to see how many people we passed along the way that were walking to the starting line. BRRRRR! When we got to the runners village which was about an 8 minute ride, we saw another bike locked up to the fence and followed suit.

We made it to the starting line with ten minutes to spare. The place was packed. I texted some friends to see how they made out. Some were in a warming tent (missed seeing that!!), some were at the starting line like me, but others were still waiting for their busses!! OY!

One good thing about the BCM is that it’s also a relay, so I knew there would be a shuttle every 5 miles along the Full Marathon.  This gave me “an out” if my Achilles started bothering me again, or if I just wasn’t having a good running day.  Plus at the expo, I ran into my friend, Michelle, who let me know that since the half looped back around, mile 5 and mile 8 of the half ended up right the mile 5 shuttle pickup.

So the plan? Start the race. Depending how I felt, I’d either run 5 miles, 8 miles, or the whole thing!

We were pretty far back there!!  Looking at the race times posted later on that day, it said it took us 5 minutes to cross the starting line after the “gun” went off. That’s a lot of people!!

I’m so blind, I couldn’t really see the screen ever.

I absolutely love that there’s confetti at the start.  It makes the start of the race so exciting to run through all that!

It was fun to see so many guys get into running the race.  Wish it was a better picture but his entire beard is bright pink!  I saw him later on and the color was running all down his face. He said next year he’s going to bleach it blonde and actually dye it pink. How fun!

Running up the on ramp to the Intercoastal bridge on JTB (John Turner Butler also known as 202)

Can’t miss her bring pink leggings!

Finally completed the bridge and about to wrap around onto A1A BEACH FRONT AVENUE!

Adam hadn’t been training since the Jax Bank half either, although he was pretty much ok, so he just ran with me at my snail pace.  This is what I got to see all day.  The back of his head and him turning around to encourage me to keep running.  lol

Running on the beach was pretty cool.. seriously.. windy and cold! BRRR!  I’m not a fan of beach runs typically, but this is the first beach run I did where it wasn’t blazing hot and humid.

Who has two thumbs and likes running?  This guy!

Bright pink Fire Truck!


That’s basically all the pictures I have from this race.  The one thing I forgot to do before the race was charge my camera.  It ended up dying on the bridge. #fail We ended up dropping out of the race at Mile 8.  We both decided we weren’t trained to push on through the full distance.  I was paranoid about getting hurt again if I did.  I really want to be able to do several races coming up like the Gate River Run, so it just wasn’t worth it.  It was also way too cold to just walk the rest of it.  We were only 5 miles from the finish line at this point, but that included the intercoastal bridge. We’d be freezing.

We hopped the shuttle at mile 5/8 and headed on back.  At the Runners Village, we quickly found the Jet Blue tent and grabbed some of their blue chips then high tailed it to the Panera tent which I knew had soup.  We were lucky to get the line with the broccoli cheese soup.  I dumped my blue chips on top of the soup and slowly dove in.  The soup was so hot and I was freezing.  We ate our soup and muffins while waiting in the massage line, but it didn’t really move that far.  When we were done stuffing our faces, we decided it wasn’t worth waiting in line for the massage.  We found our bikes and headed back.  I do have to say the bike back to our truck was far colder than the bike to the race.  Maybe the wind was different?  It literally felt like my fingers were going to snap off they were so cold!

Did you run the Breast Cancer Marathon?  How did the cold affect your run? What’s the coldest you’ve ever run in? brrrrrrrr


I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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