Punt, Pass, Pin!

I have a classic dish I typically bring over to friends houses when there’s an occasion that calls for greasy bar-food-type apps. I bring my cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip which Adam loves.


So I knew exactly what I planned to make for the biggest bar food event of the year – the Super Bowl. That is until the night before I was talking to my friend, Cassie, who mentioned that’s what SHE was bringing.

True, I could have fought her for the rights to the Buffalo Chicken Dip. We could have gone into a duel of who originally made it first (I first made is last March for National Corndog Day!). Or with a match of Rock, Scissors, Paper. Or even bench pressed our Trainer, Gonzolo, from Timed Exercise. Or I could have been a real snot & brought mine anyways to see which one everyone liked better! (I tried hers, I would have lost! Lol)

Honestly, I was a little intrigued with the challenge to come up with something new.

So I opened my fridge two hours before the event (Yes, I totally planned ahead with this one) and saw a brand new 18 pack of eggs. Deviled Eggs? Hmm.

I mean.. deviled eggs are just so.. simple. Plus, how often do you really ever see someone bring Deviled Eggs to a party.. I think I have a winner here.


Then I remembered the Super Bowl Party we were attending was a Pinterst Super Bowl themed party.. meaning the recipes are all to be inspired by something found on Pinterest. I took this as a sign. Off to Pinterest I went.

All I searched was “Football Deviled Eggs” and BAM!


I think it’s pretty clear what I need to make.

First I made hard boiled eggs. To do this, I put the eggs in the bottom of a pot (one with no teflon. No idea why, but I guess this messes w/ the cooking). I filled the pot until there were a few inches of water above the top of the eggs.

I put the pot on the stove and set it to boil. Once it started boiling, I set the timer to 10 minutes and waited. Once 10 minutes were up, I set the pan aside for another 10 minutes. Then moved it to the sink under cold running water.

Once the eggs were finally cool, I cracked and peeled the eggs. Then sliced them carefully in half. Removed the yolk and put in a bowl. I laid out all the egg whites in the Tupperware I was planning on using for the party. Then I mixed a 1/2 a cup of mayonnaise into the egg yolks and mashed together. I then spooned the mixture into the egg whites.

For the green “football stripes? Adam looked in the fridge and saw a bag of kale. Brilliant idea! I cut the leafy parts into strips and laid them out in the pattern. This was the absolute most tedious part of the whole project. I have to add (not to steal his Man card), but Adam was a HUGE help with this part. Ty! Ty! Ty! (In case you’re wondering, you couldn’t even taste the kale when eating the eggs.)

In the end they turned out quite well and the Pinterest-loving reincarnated Martha Stewart (total compliment, by the way) hostess, Lauren, seemed to appreciate them! She said a few “ooohs” and “ahhs” and even an “awww how cute” when she saw them, so yay! Success!

So how do you think they turned out??

Do you have a “signature dish” you typically make for parties? What’s the one thing you hope someone brings? (7 layer dip, Buffalo Chix Dip, Queso?)

**I made these out of my own spontaneous desire to over achieve. I’m sure it won’t happen again for some time. Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own and not influenced by others. **

One thought on “Punt, Pass, Pin!

  1. I saw those on pinterest! Have to say I am always delighted when someone brings deviled eggs. I love them. But refuse to ever make them.

    By the way. Check out my post at CrackerJaxBlog.com today. Made my first green drink thanks to your suggestion!

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