The Other Green Monster

In Jacksonville, when most people talk about “The Green Monster”, they’re admirably (and fearfully) referring to The Hart Bridge.


The Hart Bridge is the hell that hits you around mile 7/8 of the Gate River Run, the largest 15k in the nation which occurs in Jacksonville every year mid-march.

I’ve ran the Gate River Run four times so far in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Sometime after my second Gate River Run appearance, I learned there was another Green Monster…and this one I just might like…a lot!

When I first learned of people making/drinking these green monsters, I thought they were crazy. I expect nothing less from you.

A typical “Green Monster” is just 2 cups spinach, 1 cup Almond or Soy Milk, & one banana in a blender.

I finally got brave enough to make one a few months ago just to see what all the hype is about. Almost every blog I read has posted about making one. They’re so popular, they even have their own website

I couldn’t really believe these would even taste good. I mean, they’re made from spinach, uh…yuck? I enjoy steamed or sautéed spinach at dinner and even a summer spinach salad, but the though of blending spinach and drinking it just sounds disgusting.

mi plátano es mi motivación en español hoy!

There’s no sweetener? Most smoothie places add some form of sweetener to their smoothies, either a cane syrup or no calorie alternative like splenda or some places even use ice cream!

But hey – I thought I had to try them first, then and only after I did that could I scrunch my nose & say “yuck” whenever the Green Monster’s were mentioned. Lol

Guess what? I was totally wrong! No more nose scrunching or yucks from me. I blended these puppies up and found them to be smooth, flavorful, and lightly sweetened.

You can get crazy and throw other stuff in and see if it works out. For this one, I threw in some blueberries that were about on their last day.

This opened a new way of thinking for me. Why do you always need to add sweetener to everything? Sometimes the flavor of the INGREDIENTS are yummy just on their own!

Plus these are low in calories! 2 cups spinach (25 calories), 1 cup almond milk (60 calories), and one nanner (100 calories). Total: 175! If you want to make them a bit more filling, you can also blend them with some ice.  In fact, –Researchers at Purdue University (yah! My Alma Mater!)  found that people stayed fuller longer when they drank thick drinks than when they drank thin ones — even when calories, temperatures, and amounts were equal. (source)

Even better? They’re cheap! Why pay $7 for a smoothie at Smoothie King when you can make one of these for around a dollar!!

First in the blender goes the spinach…

Then the banana…

Last thing is the almond milk. (or you can substitute soy milk or regular even, but it’s definitely better with almond or soy)

blend it up!

And drink! See, even my dog is skeptical. It’s too good though. I’m not sharing this with her!


Typical Green Monster

2 cups Spinach (or Kale)

1 cup Almond Milk (or Soy)

1 Banana

Put in blender, and blend away!




Do you enjoy a Green Monster?  What’s your favorite addition? 

8 thoughts on “The Other Green Monster

  1. Yup, make them all the time….but I use coconut milk (it is thicker than almond milk) and cut the banana up and freeze overnight. It makes the smoothie so much creamier than a room temperature banana!

    1. Yes! You’re so right! Frozen is better (and way better than just adding ice)! I freeze bananas for “ice cream” sometimes, and it’s delish. I have a tub of frozen bananas in my freezer at any given time. lol

      1. Almond Milk doesn’t taste like crap! It’s quite delish actually. Coconut Milk… eh.

        Regardless.. the point is:
        a bunch of greens (spinach, kale, whatevskis)
        a nanner (frozen or not)
        some sort of milk like substance (almond, coconut, milk, glue.. )
        and you can add others as you see fit like blueberries or steak. Whatever your Paleo Diet approves of. lol

  2. Okay, you convinced me. I make shakes with almond milk and protein powder and like to put some sort of fruit in it. But I’m going to add spinach and give it a try. I always seem to have it on hand.

    1. You’ll be surprised by how gross it isn’t. It doesn’t taste like it looks! And freeze the banana like Caron suggested. You can add other fruits like blueberries and strawberries, but it doesn’t really need it. Visit the website listed for more suggested recipes!

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