Furry Friday

Yay!!! We’re finally moved!

Which means I’m about 4 years overdue to get the “kids” new I.D. Tags! Yay! Now I get to watch them get engraved at Petsmart! Wheeeee….right?  Unless you’re in a huuuuge rush…then it’s a p.i.t.a.!!

I must say in the past four years, the technology of engraved pet tags has really improved.  Now they can engrave on the front and the back AND it comes with a protective seal you affix to the back to prevent the tag from scratching.

On the way over to Petsmart, I had this genius “millionaire” idea of making pet tags w QR Codes on them..you can update your pets information online.  It’s like the only pet tag you’d need for say…the next 4 years!

Well, I’m a little late to that party! PetHub already beat me to it! Check them out!  Pretty cool, right?

Too bad I’m just not that organized! I just got the engraved ones at Petsmart. Lol

Believe me, this tag was totally needed! She keeps trying to sneak our the door everytime I walk the dog! Although, she’s so evil no one would ever be able to catch her to read it!


Aww! Got VegasDog one too!

Well, this was what I saw when I came home and walked in the garage (which opens right to the kitchen)…hmm, I mean, everything looks fairly normal…but something’s just not quite right….can you see it? Lol


Aww she must be tuckered out from all the jail breaking!


denies everything!


Well, that’s her our LAST day at our old place sayin “goodbye”!  Isn’t that floor clean?? We rented one of the $20 carpet cleaners from Home Depot and it was amazing!!  Really did a great job.




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