Be (h)app(y) with Florida 511

I’ve always been drawn to techie stuff, especially when it’s free. (main reason it took me so long to get an iPhone is I had to pay for it!).

I’ve had a “rotary phone” (aka non-smart phone), windows mobile (thumbs down), several androids (thanks to my previous job for supplying), and now an iPhone. My official iPhone anniversary is coming up on April 22nd. I bought my iPhone last year on a whim the Friday before Easter weekend.

Since getting the iPhone, I’ve been quick to download free apps when they become available. I often download an app just to try it to see what it does, use it for five minutes, and then delete it. This doesn’t usually mean the app stinks, I just don’t keep an app on my phone unless I will use it or paid for it.

A recent app I found if Florida 511. Thankfully I don’t need this app too often, but when I do, I appreciate it. Florida 511 is basically a traffic app.


It shows you on a google map where there are accidents, congestion, & construction. And yes.. that shows two accidents on my route. Oy.


This has been super helpful just because knowing is a relief. Being stuck in traffic isn’t nearly as obnoxious when I know why I’m delayed. The not knowing seems to irritate me more.


It gives you some minor details, which could be helpful if you’re trying to decide if the right or left lane of traffic might be faster.


And it even informs you if there’s just general bottleneck traffic. (I still do not understand why bottlenecks happen out of nowhere!)

The app didn’t allow me to divert my travels this time, there weren’t many options for me. There have been times when I’m leaving work, it has helped me decide which route to take.

Anyways, check it out and maybe it will help you on your way!



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