Sour Cream Substitute

So if anyone knows me, they KNOW I looooove Mexican food.

…but most people (regardless of whether they know me or not) ALSO knows that Mexican food is typically fattening!  So, a few months ago I tried a delicious looking (but not good tasting) recipe I saw in Oxygen magazine for Baja Fish Tacos.. you can see it here on Spark People’s message board.  It called for greek yogurt which sounded really bizarro but whatever.

I tried it.

and immediately spit it out. blah.

sooo gross.

I’m not sure if it was the fish & yogurt combo.. or yogurt & lime combo.. but it was really tart and just not what i’m used to…. good, yummy, creamy mexican. I love queso. I cannot lie.  I could almost drink it.. the chips are just a conduit to transfer more queso into my mouth.

sooo when I read on yet ANOTHER blog about substituting greek yogurt in another mexican recipe. I was of course VERY skeptical.

and then I read another blog about it.. and another blog about it. so gosh darn it, I had to give it a second chance.

Skeptical, I put it on a taco.. a teensy smidge… and took a super tiny bite.


either my taste buds changed in the past 6 months.. or it’s actually good….

Instead of going the super healthy fish taco w/ cabbage route.. I did the traditional route.. ground beef, taco seasoning, tortilla, cheese, tomato. nothing fancy AT ALL.  Only thing new was the chobani plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

Well, I now have a new favorite.  Now if I can only find a satisfactory and healthy substitution for queso…

from here.. I’ll start making small changes.. chicken or fish instead of the ground beef, and see if I can’t lighten it up from there now that I have a good base.


Do you have any helpful favorite healthy food substitution?  Please share them!



2 thoughts on “Sour Cream Substitute

  1. I think you’d be better served finding a tortilla replacement than a sour cream replacement. The beef isn’t really a major problem either vs ground chicken or fish either.

    The tortilla is really just refined flour (or corn), and either of those aren’t much more than high-calorie filler that will spike your blood sugar & insulin.

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