Seriously, if you eat better snacks, you won’t be hungry as often, and you won’t need as many snacks.

I know, I know. I”m assuming a lot in that statement.

But seriously, if your snacks are yummier and healthier, chances are you’ll be more satisfied and crave less.

Well here’s one weirdo-combination to add to your “acceptable snacks” list:

Carrots….. and peanut butter?

Yeah, seriously. It’s good!

I had leftover carrots I’d bought (see they’re regular of ‘look straight from the garden’ type carrots) for this delicious Venison Stew I made on Sunday.  I just peeled them, and stuck em in a bag.  Way better than using Ranch.

The peanut butter is actually Smuckers Natural.

Not bad, my friends. Not bad.

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