Subaru Distance Classic “The 7-Mile Half Marathon”

I almost titled this “How to humor yourself at 6am while waiting for Devon to show up at the race” lol, but I didn’t.

Earlier in the month, Devon and I decided to start the Subaru Distance Classic Half Marathon on Thanksgiving together.  We figured we’d run the first few miles together until she warmed up and sped off.  I also hate arriving late to races, so I’m usually earlier than everyone I plan on running with.. including Devon.

I used my extra time to learn how horrible I am at taking pictures of me and Adam.




(I have to admit Adam actually took that one. lol)

Finally met up with Devon.  We entertained ourselves waiting for the start of the race.


MOVEMBER Digital Billboard!


The race finally started.  Shortly after the first mile, someone had hung some of the funniest race signs I’ve ever seen.

In case you can’t read that one.. “worst parade ever”

Honey badger was pretty popular. There were several people stopping so they could snap a pic.

This is when the race took a sudden nose-dive for me.  Right after this sign, I started having a slight sharp pain in my right heel/achilies/lower calf.  Nothing major.  I stopped to stretch at the first water stop. Slowly it kept getting worse and worse.  Around mile 2 or 3, Devon forged on ahead.

To be honest, mile 2, 3, and 4 flew by.  Aside from the annoying pain in my leg/heel, I was doing ok.  Unfortunately, the pain got gradually worse. It basically became my entire lower calf/upper Achilles that was in pain.  Then I hit mile 5.

Which is totally apparent in my mile splits.

Mile 1: 11:37
Mile 2: 12:55
Mile 3: 12:24
Mile 4: 12:39
Mile 5: 15:31
Mile 6: 14:35
Mile 7 17:46

It was weird. I ran through mile 4 with an annoying pain, but nothing too bad. Runners run through pain all the time. Then mile 5 it was more than just annoying pain. I realized during mile 5 that walking actually hurt just as bad as running. So I continued running.  There wasn’t really anywhere I could walk to anyways. I was sorta stuck on the course. I stopped frequently hoping stretching would help. Then I looked around.

What I realized is that I had dropped back towards the end of the runners, the “stragglers”. (I don’t mean this offensively..just can’t think of a better word. Sorry)  People around me were walking frequently. Huffing and puffing fairly loudly.  They just didn’t look that great.  I could see several runners limping.  It just didn’t look good.  It was then I realized that I could probably finish the race, but SHOULD I?  I realized if I continued running I could do more damage that good.  I REALLY didn’t want this to be my last race…ever.

So the next biker EMT, I flagged down, and they called in a race volunteer to pick me up. While we were standing there waiting, one girl even ran up to the bike EMT and asked him for a advil, ace bandage, and ice pack…which he didn’t have. When he told her this, she said ” ok!” and kept running.  He asked her if she wanted to stop and if she needed a ride.  She said her knee was already so badly injured, she might as well just keep going. Uh.. what??

I was so super frustrated about having to drop out of my first race ever.  Having to DNF also meant that this year won’t be the year I get my Tri2BTough extra special t-shirt and medal. And it really stinks I most likely won’t be able to run The Jax Bank Half Marathon, which I’ve already paid for.  Bummer.  But that’s ok.  Because I have next Fall to do it.

I’ve taken the time since this race to re-evaluate my training schedule.  As soon as I get over this darn head-cold, I’m eager to ease back into training again and re-dedicate myself to running and training.

On the bright side?  Yes, there actually was a bright side! I realized when I finally got dropped off at the race start/finish, it had been about 1 hour and 45 minutes since the race start.  Knowing Adam was hoping to finish around the 2 hour mark, I had about 10 minutes to run to my car and back to catch Adam finishing the race!  This is something I never get to see because I’m always running far, far behind him. (miles behind him!) So you better believe that I hobbled/ran to my car and back and made it just in time to see him PR! That was definitely awesome.

Have you ever had to DNF a race?  


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