Add this to your shopping list right now.

No joke. Next trip to the store, pick one of these babies up.  I’ve heard some praise  about Pomegranate, but honestly not a HUGE amount.  I mean I know they’re good for you, who doesn’t know that? But I can’t say I’ve really heard many people talk about how TASTY they are.

They’re even a bit intimidating to open, so until I saw this post, I wasn’t even going to attempt it.

But alas I saw one in the store over the weekend, so I broke down and bought it.

I took it home, cut it up, and wow.

For how big the fruit was before I cut it up, it didn’t really produce a lot  of arils.. maybe a cup?

I dared to take a nibble of one.  Surprisingly good!  It’s almost like tart raspberry, but better.

They’re sorta strange too.  They are like little squishy gel packs w/ a little edible seed in them. So they’re squishy and yet crunchy at the same time.

Then I made the best decision ever.

Enter Nutella…


Yes, Toast + Nutella + Pomegranate arils = Amazing Breakfast

It’s like mixing raspberry and chocolate.. sooooo good.

I tried it w/ regular peanut butter, not quite as amazing, but still decently tasty.

Even Vegas, the dog, wanted in on the action… (I accidentally dropped one..)


What fruit or vegetable you were surprised to really like once you finally tried it? 


2 thoughts on “Add this to your shopping list right now.

  1. Handy tip – to avoid staining clothes while removing the arils, do it with your hands and the pomegranate submerged in water.

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