2011 Native Sun 10k

Native Sun 10k
November 12, 2011

Previous Native Sun’s:
2009 – 1 hour, 4 minutes, 56 seconds

Chip Time: 1 hour 16 minutes, 2 seconds

The Native Sun 10k was one of the favorite races I’ve ever run which is why when I realized I was going to be in town that weekend, I signed up for the race!  The first time I ran the race, the weather was super cool and perfect running weather.  My goal 2 years ago was to run it in under an hour.  6.3 miles in under 60 minutes should be doable.  I ended up running it in an hour and 4 minutes.  I was really disappointed and told myself I would break that record some day.

This year I signed up with beating 60 minutes as my A goal.  Beating my previous time was my B goal, and my C goal was just to finish and have a decent run. Two weeks earlier I had a surprisingly good run at the Evergreen Pumpkin run.  I was hoping I could pull it together for this race too.  Unfortunately I hadn’t trained as well this time around as I had at the time I first ran this race.

I ended up finishing this race in 1:16. Well over my A and B goals.  The night before I went out with my coworkers and had a lot of fun which directly affected my racing. My leg started hurting me in this race and my shins were just tight.  Looking back a few months later (when I actually decided to write this post so I could record this race), I realize my legs hurting was my lack of training. At least I can take away something I’ve learned, and hopefully use that knowledge to beat my A goal in 2012. Fingers Crossed.





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