Brussels Sprouts will surprise you…

Ever since I went to the Season’s 52 blogger dinner, I’ve been obsessed with brussels sprouts.

Did you know it’s brusselS sprouts.. not brussel?

Did you know they grow in a bunch on a stalk?

Weird, eh?  I guess I’d just never thought about what they really come from.  We would eat them from time to time when I was a kid and they were always frozen then boiled to cook. hm. It’s really no wonder I never really liked them. When you roast Brussels, it really releases an extra flavor that’s really delish!


So here’s how you make em.  It is ridiculously easy, I can’t believe I just learned how to make them a few months ago.

Rinse them, then chop off the root end.  Then cut them in half.

If you cut the brussels first, then its a lot easier to remove the few outer leafs. Removing the outer leafs lot of the possibly stuck on dirt (and even maybe some mold, yuck).

Spray a pan.. or two.. and make sure you don’t have too many on one pan. If there’s too many, they won’t really ever brown right.


Bake them about 10 minutes.. then shake the pan, then another 10 minutes or so.. until they start looking like this:

These, babies, are done!

Some people will insist you need to toss them in olive oil before baking.  Honestly, they bake fine without.  When they’re done, I just shake some black pepper and garlic powder on them.  (and sometimes salt.. )

Seriously easy.

This also works with sliced zucchini, red potatoes, green beans (though I’ve never tried it), and red/green peppers. (and probably a bazillion other veggies I hadn’t even thought of roasting yet..)

Love em or hate em? What’s your favorite way to cook up brussels sprouts? 

10 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts will surprise you…

  1. Once you start roasted veggies you’ll never turn back. This is one of my favorite things to make… broccoli like this, too love. Cauliflower. Oh oven, you clever little machine.

    1. Hm I’ll have to try cauliflower!! I bet that’s great! I made an awesome roasted broccoli recipe last week that I found thanks to the amazing Alton Brown. I’ll share that one soon!

  2. Love this post! Was just noticing this morning that Dr. Andrew Weill said that roasting them was the best way to cook them. I was surprised by the stalk at Seasons 52 too, but the photo up there of them growing is awesome.

  3. Alton Brown is coming to Jacksonville soon! AND I love the mini packs of Brussels sprouts that you microwave…then I drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper and bacon bits (the non-crunchy kind)…so good.

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