Half Marathon Training: Week 15

Wow!!  Half marathon training is officially over!!!

Weekly Recaps:

Week 15: September 26 – October 2, 2011

Monday: 26

AM: 30 min biking | 195 calories
PM: 3.1 miles ran | 391 calories

Tuesday: 27

AM: 10-Min Solution: Rapid Results Pilates on Netflix.  I did the Waist Slimmer section and liked it.  It really was quick and interesting.  I plan to do this again and look forward to seeing lots of improvement!

At home legs workout, did the following 2x

  • 12 Squats w/ 5lb weights
  • 12 lunges w/ 5lb weights (once per leg)
  • 12 box set ups w/ 5lb weights (once per leg)
  • 12 hamstrings
    Really hard to explain this one but it works.  Lean over the box on your stomach.  Place 8lb weight in the crook of the back of your knee.  slightly bend your knee so the weight is secure.  Then just do a leg lift. If I find a pic or a video on the web, I’ll add it later.

Wednesday: 28

AM: 14.7 miles bike ride | 166 Calories
PM: 2.34 mile Run | 300 Calories  

Super sore from yesterdays legs. I hate running or working out when sore.

Thursday: 29

Rest Day

Friday: 30

Rest Day

Saturday: 1

Marine Corp Half Marathon 13.1 miles | 1824 Calories

Sunday: 2

Rest Day

Totals Week 15

18.54 miles run
Ran 3x
Biked 1x
Lifted Weights 1X times
2876 Calories Burned

So is training over??? NO Way!!  Now I start training for the 10 mile Evergreen Pumpkin Run on October 30th and the Subaru Distance Classic Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day! 

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