Half Marathon Training: Week 9

bahahahaha. This week was a joke in regards to training!! Adam had to go to Vietnam for work for the week, and I just… couldn’t run. It’s weird. (and sorta scary…). I just had no motivation. Its like I was back at week 1! Maybe I was still sluggish from last week or from the Tour de Pain. Who knows, but this week definitely has the stink of #failure on it.

but thats o.k. Some weeks, that’s just all you get.

I’ve really been enjoying writing weekly recaps. They really seem to give me time to reflect on my current training and future plans.

What did I learn this week (and possibly last)?
Reflect. Refocus. Reapply. I need to accept what training I didn’t succeed in, and ‘try, try again’.

Reflecting on last week, what did I show I have learned from previous training weeks?
This week I had a busy schedule catching up with friends (much needed girls dinner), get things done (disposal repair), and even work! Honestly it was my decision to stay so busy.

Plus some nights I was able to chat with Adam, but he had a 13 hour time difference. That meant I either talked to him at 1:00 am (Noon his time) or 7:00 am (6pm his time). Plus he was an entire day ahead of me. When it was Monday here, it was already Tuesday there. Soooo confusing!!!

I’m at least pleased with the fact I ran 3 miles before Mimosa Sunday, rode the bike an hour Monday after a long day at work, met back up w/ the running group Tuesday, and woke up early & completed an Insanity Workout on Wednesday. It really did take pre-planning even to get those workouts in.

Saturday before Mimosa Sunday, I laid(layed?) low so I could be sure to wake up early to squeeze in a run.

Monday I knew it might be one of my only evening workouts, so I really motivated myself to hit the gym.

Tuesday, I remembered last minute I had my first night back w/ the Tuesday running group! Luckily it doesn’t start till around 6:30 so I had time after work to run home and grab my gear!

Wednesday, I knew I had a heavy lunch planned and was probably hitting happy hour, so I got up early and got my booty to the gym in my condo complex & did Insanity. (something I really want to incorporate into my weekday routine.)

A year or two ago, I honestly would not have done any workouts at all. At least I can say confidently, I’ve improved!

What now?

Now that Adam’s back, we’re both motivated to get back to training. After a busy week in Vietnam, he’s just as eager to get back into the swing of things (and eat American food!). I’m going to review my training plan and revise it to reflect two weeks missed training. As I referenced last week, while my training plan may look rigid, I planned it assuming there would be some shitty not-so-admirable training weeks.

Some of the things I incorporated were no ‘light’ weeks. You read that right. I purposely did not include light weeks in my training schedule. When you design a training plan, you’re supposed to take a lighter week ever 4 weeks or so. This allows your body to re-cooperate a bit before you move on. I honestly assume know life is going to get in the way at some point or another, and force me to take a light week. Sure enough, that happened.

Also, when someone that is not an experienced runner (meaning, someone, like me, that’s only completed one half-marathon previously), I know I’m not supposed to add more than one mile to my long run each week. Knowing this, I lengthened my training schedule and advanced in 1/2 mile increments. One week was 5 miles, the next 5.5 miles, the next 6, and so on. Thankfully, by setting up my training plan like this means I can revamp it. Squish together a few of the half mile weeks and switch it now to 6 miles, 7 miles, 8 miles and get right back on track.

Let’s hope, right?

Weekly Recaps:

  • Week 5 – 10.5 miles
  • Week 6 – 15.1 miles
  • Week 7 – 14.1 miles
  • Week 8 – 9.3 miles
  • Week 9 – 8.21 miles
  • Week 10 – this week!
  • 6 more weeks to go!!

Week 9: August 15–21, 2011


PM: Expresso Bike 10 miles
Missed Body Pump because I worked late. Amazed I still made it. Had fun because Adam ‘facetimed’ me while I was riding (electric bike at the gym in a quiet corner..) Definitely made it more fun!


I finally made it out to my Tuesday running group at Sawgrass! 3.2 Miles


AM: Insanity
Got my butt outta bed this morning and headed to the little gym in the condo complex. It was really great. There was no one in there. I definitely want to try and start doing this every weekday.


Rest Day


Rest Day


Rest Day (whoops!!)


AM: 5 Miles.
Yah!!  We ran about 2 miles at the UNF Trails, then decided it was waaay too hot for another loop.  We headed over to the YMCA and cranked out the much needed following 3.  The gym was soo cool and air conditioned, it felt great.


Week 9 – 8.2 miles run

These upcoming weekend runs are going to get looooong and boring!!! Please let me know if you want to come out and join me for one of my upcoming runs! Even if its just partial (like we run for 3 miles, and then I continue on alone to complete any additional needed distance). I honestly am a slower runner and pace about a 11 minute mile pace. I would love some company!!

3 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: Week 9

    1. hahahaha No I didn’t stop training.. just a writing hiatus. It’s hard to type w/ a beer in my hand! But the beers all gone, so I’m back!

      And Yes, keep me on track!!

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