Running thru Tuesday…

This past week I did something I haven’t done in over a year and a half!  I finally made it out to the Tuesday running group at Sawgrass!

Everyone meets at the ABC Liquor outside Sawgrass about 6:30 pm. I know, right?  It’s kinda funny a running group meets at a liquor store!  It may have actually been 6:45pm by the time we got started.  It’s a really casual group.  Everyone starts off running together.  Some run at a faster pace, some run at a slower pace. No one runs alone (unless they want to, but then why run with a running group?)   The run takes us along a sidewalk and through the front part of a neighborhood.  Then we veer off and run on a cart path on the Sawgrass golf course.

How could you NOT want to run here, right?

Everyone meets up halfway at a closed concession stand.  One thing that the golf course does that is awesome?  They have an ice/water machine at that concession stand accessible to everyone regardless of the stand being open or not.

It is so nice to run on the golf course there! I need to get there early next week and squeeze in 2 miles before our group run so I can finish with a total of 5 miles (dream world..).  I definitely look forward to running with this group every week!!

Me and my friend Craig after our run thru Sawgrass.  I don’t know how we aren’t drenched in sweat in this pic!

There were about 20 or so runners. One of the many people I met this week was Jakson from Performance Multisports.

He coordinates a number of events each year including the Bear Adventure Race.  This Labor day weekend, September 4, marks the 13th anniversary of the Bear Adventure Race.   When I recapped my Tour de Pain race, I did a listing of “Badass Races” that have always intimidated me.  Well I kinda forgot this one, but it definitely should be on that list!

In The BEAR, Two-person teams and three-person or four-person teams strive to meet the challenges of an event that includes:

  • mountain biking on trails and the beach
  • non-technical climbing
  • backwoods orienteering
  • open-water paddling in kayaks or canoes
  • off-road running/trekking

There are also”Mystery Tests” that are placed at various stages along the course.  The exact order of the events is not revealed until the day of the event, keeping the atmosphere mysterious.

The Mystery Tests will try mental and physical abilities, as well as teamwork strengths. The Three-person / Four-person Coed Teams make up the premier division in The BEAR race. The BEAR will favor those who work together with sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and camaraderie.

The BEAR Adventure Race includes a series of stages that must be completed within the race time limits to count toward a successful finish.

Some Teams enter the BEAR CUB Sprint with a 5-hour time limit.

Those entering The BEAR (10-hour limit) are provided with Stage Instruction sheets to begin the race, and are given the next set of instructions as they complete each stage. There is an intermediate cut-off time, after which Teams are not given the next set of instructions that would clearly cause the Team to finish after the race time limit of 10 hours.

In order to win The BEAR, a Team must complete the most stages in the shortest time and stay within the time limit.

Plus, each team has to show up with a set of Team-supplied Mandatory Equipment and Recommended Equipment.  There’s a list of equipment to bring on their website.  In addition, some people bring ropes, tape, and even toilet paper along. You should bring and use your own life jackets.

A race that’s 5-10 hours long???  Wow!!  That’d be a long day!

Any readers actually planning on doing this race?  Not quite ready this year?  Jakson is looking for volunteers to help with the race.  Let me know if you’re interested, or contact Jakson through the Performance Multisports Bear Website.

What part of this race would you struggle with the most?  I’m guessing I’d have the most trouble with the canoing.  At least there isn’t swimming!!!  (eeeh!  Gators)

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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