Calling Jax Runners – Let’s Do Life!!!

So I’ve been following Ben Does Life for over a year now.  What an amazing story.

Really shows you really can turn your life around and learn new things.

If you’re not familiar with his story, you should start here and watching this amazing YouTube video.

WARNING: Grab the tissues…

Do Life

Last year he did a tour of 5ks around the nation to help inspire and motivate people.  To top things in 2012, he’s decided to do 52 5ks and 52 half marathons!  I sadly missed him when his tour made a stop in Orlando just a few months ago.  I would LOVE to get him to swing thru Jacksonville, FL!!!  Please leave a comment on his Tumblr blog and tell him what race in Jacksonville  (Maybe the Donna Marathon in February or the Jax Bank Marathon in December) YOU think he just cannot miss on his tour!

Let’s get him to Jacksonville and help turn around one of the nations fattest cities!!!

Men’s Health

2009:  #8

2010: #12

‘nuf said.











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