Half Marathon Training: Week 7

It’s time for that weekly recap!

Well I survived the K-Swiss Tour de Pain.  I’ll have an official recap soon, I promise.

Half Marathon Training Week 7

  • Week 5 (10.5 miles)
  • Week 6 (15.1 miles)
  • Week 7 (14.1 miles)
  • Week 8 – this week!
  • 8 more weeks to go!!

Week 8: August 1–7, 2011


PM: Bodypump

Wanted to add swimming to my routine, but it just didn’t happen this week. :/


AM: n/a
PM: 4 mile run
(3 mi dreadmill & 1 mi outside)

Mile 1:   13:04
Mile 2:  11:08
Mile 3:  10:17
Mile 4:  11:00 (Headed outside for this one to build up my road legs)


AM: n/a
PM: Weight Training

I built upon the past few weeks weight training workout and made a few changes.
My friend “Chicago Mike” sent me an article on Kettle Bell workouts.  I thought it was pretty interesting so I thought I’d try and work a few of the exercises in – but of course, almost every time it was time to use them, someone else was already using them! Argh!

I did three sets of each group before moving onto the next exercise.

Group 1:
Bicep Curls


Group 2:
Tricep Pulldowns
kettlebell Walking Lunges
Ugh, the Kettlebell’s were being used.
Group 3:
Hammer curls

Leg press

Group 4:
Tricep dips on a bench
One Leg Squat on a bench

I haven’t done these in about a year and I totally rocked ’em!

Group 5:
kettlebell Shoulder Press
Of course, the kettlebell was being used (again), so I did used the (the one that comes pre-set with weight).  I actually really liked it, and I’ll probably use this again next week.)

Dead lifts

Group 6:
Kettlebell Single Arm Swing

I was pretty interesting to find out that the article said this works your glutes & quads.  I totally thought this was a shoulder exercise!


AM: 2.0 miles
I decided to try and squeeze in my workout in the morning to give my legs a little bit more time to recover before the race weekend. 
PM: Expresso Bike 


4 mile beach run – TDP begins


3.1 mile run – TDP continues
1 mile run – TDP finally finishes!


Rode the Expresso bike for about 45 minutes.  It was a good way to loosen up my legs!


14.1 miles run – Week 7

Week 8 Goals:


  • AM: Swim
  • PM: Body Pump


  • AM: Bike/Abs
  • PM: Run 4 miles


  • AM: Swim
  • PM: Weight Training


  • AM: Bike/Abs
  • PM: Run 4 miles


  • Rest Day!!!!!!!!


  • AM: Run 7 miles (woah.)


  • Either Rest Day, Racquetball, or Insanity

Whew.  What a week.  Well, I’m going to just take thing as they come this week.  No idea how tired or sore I’ll be after doing the Tour de Pain.  I do know I surprisingly feel pretty good.  

And if anyone see’s a pic of me from the races on the 1stPlaceSports or Jacksonville.com website, please let me know.  I just don’t feel like clicking through 3,500 pictures just to find out there’s none of me.  lol

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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