One more day!

In case you somehow missed all my posts & comments, there’s only one more day until the Tour de Pain!

This race is actually 3 races in one:

Friday: 4 mile Beach Run
Saturday Morning (early! ugh): 5k Run
Saturday Evening:  1 mile sizzlah!

I know its going to be REALLY tough.  I’m definitely not going to have my best run EVER, but I expect to feel good.  I’ve wanted to run this race pretty much since I really started running the past 2-3 years.  This race is like the “bad ass” of running races in Jacksonville. And other people pretty much look at you like you’ve gone “batty” when you describe this race to them.  My parents did a really good job of covering it up on the phone though!

Based on the past runs I’ve had over the past two months, I’ve set some goals.  Overall – I’m really just hoping to finish all three races – but honestly I could do that just walking… so here goes:

4 mile – 50 minutes
This should be about 12 minute mile pace.  There are several factors that might impact my time on this race.  I’m expecting this race to be hot.  It starts at 7pm and here in Florida, it really does NOT cool down by then.  Plus its a beach race and beach races can really suck..

5k run – 36 minutes
Another 12 minute mile pace. I finished the corporate run in about 38 minutes.  I pray to god I don’t have that bad of a race this weekend!!  Plus this would probably be a decent time given that it’s exactly 12 hours after a 4 mile beach run..

1 mile – 12 minutes
I cannot say I’ve run just 1 mile outside for time in years.. scratch that.. since high school.  I’m just continuing my guesses of “12 minute pace” with this one.

I picked up my race packet today.  I HATE waiting till the day of the race to pickup my packet. I really don’t like running around last minute before the race.

My dog, Vegas, doing her best to model w/ the race packet stuff and also psych out the competition!

Inside was the race shirt – seems pretty nice.  These always seem soo short to me.  I guess I just like to wear really long t-shirts?  It’s probably because all the shirts I wear are big and baggy.

Also was my race number.. #208.. I guess the 2 was covered up!

A packet of PowerBar Energy Blasts Lemon.  I’ve had the strawberry flavor.  Not sure I really care for these too much, but they’re free.. can’t complain. Plus they gave a coupon.. if I can stack this with a BOGO Publix offer & coupon, I might buy them some day.  haha

And the usual paper4 safety pins & paraphernalia.

Pretty straight forward race packet. Nothing too exciting.

One thing I do know?  I want ice cream, pizza, beer, and a yummy breakfast or breakfast burrito sometime between Saturday’s 1 mile Sizzlah and Sunday at 10pm.  lol

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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