Operation TGIF!

So my one year anniversary with Adam is in just a few weeks! I can’t believe it’s already one year that we’ve been dating. I really wanted to do something special for him.

I could actually think of a number of things I could get him (which I won’t list here cause he still has a birthday AND Christmas on the horizon!). I just didn’t feel like a gift was really the best way to celebrate. Sometimes I feel like years down the road, you can forget why someone got you one thing or another, so I decided to take him on a short surprise weekend trip instead.

My friend “Chicago Mike” gave me a few tips including using Bidding For Travel to help eliminate some of the guesswork involved with Priceline.  BFT is basically a giant message board website that people post what bids they placed on priceline as well as whether it was accepted or declined. This involved the requested star-level of the hotel as well as price, date, & location.

On the BFT website I was surprised to learn there’s actually only one 4-star hotel in the Savannah Historic District – which is exactly where i wanted to stay. This means that I could start with a really low-ball price on Priceline along with the selection of “4-star or higher” and “historic district” selected with minimal concern that I’d end up with a random unwanted hotel. Although I could tell this based on the BFT posts, there’s still always a risk!  Plus – if its 4-star, I would be shocked if it were anything but amazing anyways.

In the end, I got a room for the weekend half the price I would have paid thru the hotel website or Expedia etc. Amazing! It was like getting the room BOGO!

So accommodations were set for the secret weekend – which I nicknamed Operation TGIF.

I kept everything a secret – which was REALLY, really hard – for a whole week and a half.  I almost spilled the beans 3 or 4 times!  On Friday, I made a cheezy sign and hung it on the door of the apartment to welcome Adam when he got home from work on Friday.

Wow was he surprised!  He actually knocked on the door to enter… he lives here too, so that was kinda cute!  As soon as he entered, I handed him a list that said:

Operation TGIF

#1 – Pack enough clothes for 2 nights, including swimming trunks, shorts, shirts, fishing gear & accessories, and running gear. (yup, can’t get outta that even on vacation!)

#2 – you have ten minutes

Well, that was a whirlwind!!  He literally DID only get 10 minutes to pack, I think it only took him 9 minutes.

Here’s some highlights from our trip:

For some silly reason, we ALWAYS take a car shot on our trips. I was actually BUGGING Adam to take this just so we wouldn't forget!

Friday night at an awesome rooftop bar called “Rocks on the River” on top of the Bohemian Hotel

Ahh thank you Foursquare – I was able to look up my check-in history to discover we were at The Rail Pub.

who says I'm not crafty? Handmade koozies!
Boat Dance Party!

Saturday, during the day, we rented a pontoon boat (my fav.) from this super cool marina called Coffee Bluff Marina.  Its family-owned and operated by Captain Ray and Amy – and they were super awesome!  After seeing the great reviews this place had on Trip Advisor and that the boat rental was only $100 – I was sold!


FYI, we went fishing but caught nothing but SHARKS!!  8 sharks and 2 stingrays garbage fish (according to Adam).

Close game, but i lost

Adam made random friends speaking Chinese Saturday night.  Anyone know who these two are, let me know.  They work on a chinese container ship and were in Savannah for the night.

Well, as you can see we had an amazing time in Savannah… and no running.  [insert sadface]  #fail

There was one point Friday night Adam said, “Can we skip our long run in the morning and sleep in?”  Oops!

Well after a fun weekend of drinking, dining and boating, the guilt was getting to me.  Especially as I caught up on all my blog reading on the drive home! We managed to get home right around 4pm which the YMCA closes at 6pm.  Just enough time to get our stuff together and crank out 6 miles.  Off to the Y we went!

Look who's back?! Remember this guy?
It was a great 6 mile run!  Look who was back – live entertainment!!  It was actually 5.5 miles inside on the treadmill – then the Y closed so I finished the last 0.5 miles outside on the sidewalk.  I honestly couldn’t believe after such a fun-filled weekend I was able to complete an awesome run of negative splits!  Here’s the breakdown:

Mile 1:   13:09
Mile 2:  11:06
Mile 3:  10:53
Mile 4:  10:51
Mile 5:  10:29
Mile 6:  9:55

Wowsas!!  6 Miles in 1 hour 6 minutes?!?  Heck yah!!

Glad I didn’t skip that run!  There’s no way I would have done that well squeezing it in Monday morning or even worse, Monday after a whole day of work!  What a way to end the weekend.

Where’s your favorite place for a driving weekend trip??

4 thoughts on “Operation TGIF!

  1. What an awesome 6-miler! I need to get one of those in this weekend.

    Your trip was such a fantastic idea. You put so much thought into it & I’m glad y’all had a great time!

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