Half Marathon Training: Week 6

It’s time for that weekly recap!  This week leads me into the K-Swiss Tour de Pain this Friday and Saturday.

This race is appropriately named (aka PAIN) because it consists of a 4 mile beach run (Beach runs suck!) Friday night, 5k road race Saturday morning, and a 1 mile sizzler Saturday early evening.  I haven’t ran in a race since the Corporate Run (race review late, but coming this week!), so I’m excited to see how I do.  I’ve wanted to run this race for the past 3 years or so, so I’m super anxious to complete it!

Here’s what I’ve done so far…

Half Marathon Training Week 6

  • Week 5 (10.1 miles)
  • Week 6 (15.1 miles)
  • Week 7 (this week!)
  • 9 more weeks to go!!

Week 6: July 25–31, 2011


PM: Bodypump


AM: Bike/Abs
PM: 3.1 mile run


AM: Bike
PM: Weightlifting


2.0 mile (outside on sidewalk)
4.0 mile
(3 miles dreadmill, 1 mile sidewalk)
My shins were on fi-yah!


OFF – Planned Rest Day – Furry Friday
I used the morning & lunch break to prep things for Operation TGIF!


OFF  :/

We were supposed to do a 6 mile training run but instead, we stayed up late drinking, slept in, then rented a pontoon boat, went fishing and drank some more. Operation TGIF continues..  Ooops!


6.0 mile run  (5.5 dreadmill, 0.5 sidewalk)
Felt soo guilty after our amazing weekend of not working out, I headed right to the gym as soon as we got back and it was totally worth it.


Miles Run – Week 6: 15.1

Week 7 Goals:


  • AM: Swim
    Yes, I want to try and add swimming to my routine!! Now that I’m finally in the habit of waking up early and going to the gym, this might be good.  Plus I can’t run every single day, so I need something low-impact
  • PM: Body Pump


  • AM: Bike/Abs
  • PM: Run 4 miles


  • AM: Swim
  • PM: Weight Training


  • AM: Bike/Abs
  • PM: Run 2 miles
    Normally this would be a 4 mile run, but with the race this weekend, I think I should taper somewhat.


  • AM: Rest
  • PM: Run 4 miles Tour de Pain


  • AM: Run 3.1 Tour de Pain
  • PM: Run 1 mile Tour de Pain


  • Depending on how quickly I bounce back from the Tour de Pain either Rest Day, Racquetball, or Insanity

Are you training for any races coming up?  

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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