mid-week motivation

Midday motivation always seems to get me. I wake up in the morning, excited and looking forward to my workout later that day.

Then (9 hours of) work happens. Usually around 2pm, I start trying to talk myself out of working out.

“I’m too sore”

or the opposite…

“If I workout, I’ll BE too sore for tomorrow’s run..”

or the one that seems to get me every Wednesday…

“I hate this instructor”

Ok, ok, I don’t really HATE her.. thats not quite the right word.. see, on Wednesday’s I take a Les Mills BodyPump class and I can’t HEAR the instructor. So while I know what we’re working on (chest, biceps, lunges, etc.), I don’t know during certain sets whether I should be doing singles, doubles, triples etc.

...thats OBVIOUSLY not me..

This is mostly on the chest and tricep tracks where I’m lying down and I can’t see her. As a result, I don’t feel like I get as good of a workout as I do during the other days like Monday or Saturday.

So yesterday was yet ANOTHER classic “excuse” Wednesday. Around 1pm I started dreading the instructor and almost talked myself into skipping the gym altogether.

Amazingly I motivated myself. I started training for a half marathon in the fall and decided to add BodyPump into my weekly routine to ensure I would keep lifting weights (and hopefully injury free!). I think I just need something different than that BodyPump class on Wednesdays.

I realized it’d been a while since I’d done just a regular ol’ weights workout. So I put one together. Definitely motivating to put together your own workout plan because then you definitely want to complete it. Here’s what I ended up doing:


Set 1
bicep curls – 12.5lbs
squats 12.5lbs

Set 2
tricep pulldowns – 20lbs
walking lunges – zero weight

Set 3
overhead press – 15lbs
deadlifts – 15lbs

(1 minute fast on treadmill)
[move upstairs]

Set 4
wood chops #6
push ups

(1 minute fast on treadmill)

Set 5
cable pull backs #6
shoulder pull downs n/a (machine was taken… skip!)
Wood chops w/ weighted ball 6lbs

Basically I tried to put together a general full body workout that would be fairly quick and simple since I was already having a lack of motivation. It can be overwhelming to think of a workout plan “on the fly” at the gym so I wrote this down in advance. I saved it to my Evernote account and was easily able to access it on my phone.  My goal was just to complete the workout and ‘just finish’.

So what do you think of the workout? What would you add/remove?

I also did about 30 minutes on the elliptical combined before/after the lifting.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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