2011 Gate River Run 15k

So this year’s Gate River Run came and went without a hitch. Thank god. I was really, really nervous before the gate. When I ran the 2010 Gate River Run LAST year, I told myself I would definitely train for the 2011 Gate…I wouldn’t feel like this again the following year… well.. a year passed, situations at work drastically changed.. I ended up working 70 hour weeks for about 4-5 months…. and BAM. I saw myself once again giving myself a pep talk at the start line this year, and having the same exact conversation. ugh.

NEXT YEAR, I WILL train for the 2012 Gate River Run.. damnnit. sigh..

Anyways here’s my official ‘race report’..

2011 Gate River Run 15k
March 12, 2011

Previous Gate River Runs:
2008 – Chip Time: 3 hours, 6 minutes, 27 seconds
2009 – Chip Time: 1 hour 40 minutes, 35 seconds
2010 – Chip Time: 1 hour, 53 minutes, 20 seconds

Chip Time: 1 hour, 51 minutes

This Gate River Run was sorta special because my new boyfriend, Adam, was also running. He’s still my new boyfriend even though we’ve been dating over 6 months. This is his FIRST RACE EVA! How exciting. I remember my first race – the Ortega River Run. So needless to say, I was a bit excited just for that regardless of the usual pre-race jitters!

Here’s us pre-race. Yah!

So we started that morning with the traditional morning ritual: parked, walked over towards the start line, found the porta-potties, found the bag check, and then.. went our separate ways! Yup, even though it was his first race, he’s blazing faster than me!! Even when we do “group runs”, we typically will map it out first with MapMyRun.com so that way he’ll know the route, and we can meet either half-way or at the end. Sometimes we’ll run together, which is nice company – but usually i just end up running too fast and getting a side cramp (a-NOY-ing!!).

I decided to line up at the 13 minute marker because I didn’t want to start too fast. The excitement and crowd of the starting line can really hurt the rest of my run sometimes.

Here’s a look at everyone in front of me at the starting line!!

The first bridge, the Main Street Bridge, is actually named the John T. Alsop, Jr, Bridge was the city of Jacksonville’s second road bridge over the St. John’s river. Don’t ask what the first bridge over the river was, I have no clue.

This bridge surprisingly wasn’t too bad. This is only about 1.5 miles into the race. The 2 mile marker is right about when the bridge ends. The crowd hadn’t thinned out yet either.

Ahh the “green monster” looms in the distance. Thats the second bridge known as the Hart Bridge.

Yup, thats Beaker from the Muppet Show…how he ran the entire race in that outfit is beyond me. It got fairly hot that day. He had to be dying. Anyone know who actually ran in that costume?

Nothing makes you feel like more of a slacker than running with the fire-rescue w/ their full tanks. I’ve heard those are full.. which is insane! Anyone know for sure if they really run with full tanks? Regardless, those suckas gotta be heavy!

Or… running w/ a fire-rescue w/ a tank & an “army guy” w/ full gear.. double OY!

Right.. I was passing his slacker butt.. yeah, not really. I sprinted to catch up to him for the pic.. then slowed down and paid for the sprint.. [sucking wind]

That thing is bigger than he is!! Maybe there’s a person in there??

Hogan for Mayor getting some free advertising..

Glad I didn’t just run up to this guy on a non-race day! Mighta been a little worried if I were alone..

Becky and Tom White – this is the FIRST time I’ve ever seen Tom running withOUT his huge camera. He literally runs entire MARATHONS while holding a professional camera. I met them shortly after I began running and they’ve always been a huge inspiration..

First pic I’ve ever taken of my watch…smile!

You know how you have that oooone racer you keep seeing.. you pass them.. they pass you.. etc…etc.. Beaker was my man.. the whooole race..

First people I saw drinking mimosas that day!

Yah!! We’re finshers!!

The lovely Alison!

Adam, Jason, and me at the end. Several of the local Daily Milers met up at the inflatable publix bag.. too bad I was too busy talking with Adam & Alison, I didn’t meet any of them! I found out later I was standing right next to Stephanie (aka @swmslo) and didn’t even get to meet her!! argh!!

Next up? Next weekend’s The MS Mud Run!

3 thoughts on “2011 Gate River Run 15k

  1. Yay for the Gate! Awesome that your fella ran with you. It was definitely exhilarating to run with 15,000 people. Beaker cracked me up too. We must have been running somewhat near one another because I kept seeing him too!

  2. By the time the River Run rolls around, I’m always so burnt out on running from the fall season.

    I keep telling myself I’ll actually train for the 2012 River Run too. We’ll see if it happens 🙂

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