MS Mud Run 2010

MS Mud Run 2010
March 26, 2010

Chip Time: 2:11:25 

This was the first time I ever did a mud run, and it was a blast!!

Right before we started, someone got hurt on the course.  We ended up standing in our corral for about an hour.. waiting.. oy. I do believe the person that was hurt is fine now, thankfully. Nothing is scarier than being about to start a race and hearing someone got hurt!

Jason on our team said if he raised a certain amount of money that he would die his hair bright blue!  (I can’t remember how much money, but it was a lot)  His hair was BLUE for weeks!

One problem with this location, no trees, no shade. It was HOT. (The race has since moved to the Jacksonville Equestrian Center which is covered in trees)

These guys have WAY too much energy.

Our friend, Luis, came out to watch us get muddy!  He brought his two boys too!

We could see people finishing while we waited for our start time.

And we’re off!

I don’t know why I look like I’m about to fall…


The butt slide channels are hilarious.


Most hilarious picture of the day!  Luis’ boys are apparently NOT a fan of the mud. lol


Almost finished!!

They had firemen right on site to hose everyone down!


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