2009 Gate River Run 15k

Gate River Run 15k 2009
March 14, 2009

Previous Gate River Runs:
2008 – Chip Time:  3 hours, 6 minutes, 27 seconds

Chip Time: 1 hour 40 minutes, 35 seconds

Windy, overcast, spitting rain.. it was awesome.

The year before I had walked the whole thing. This is the first time actually running the race. My favorite part was running along River Road. It was overcast, as I said, and windy. This part of the road runs parallel to the St. Johns River for one small block.  When I say along, there are just a few feet from the side of the road to the actual river.  The other side of the road is a row of houses.  At this part of the road, the wind was pushing the waves from the river up onto the road and across it. Almost hurricane like. I totally ran through that. This pic of me is right after that segment of the race.

Look at that stinker to my left raising her arms. Totally stealing my 15 seconds of fame! Ha! Seriously, if I could raise my arms at this point, I would have!

One of the things that got me through this race was my trusty flip phone. This was back before the era of smart phones (at least in my world), but that’s ok. My phone had a nubbin. Yep a small raised bump on the number 5. This made it ridiculously easy to text AND run simultaneously. Loved this bc I was able to text friends that weren’t running and stay remotely entertained.

One major difference in running (rather than walking) the race was I finished over an hour earlier. Duh. I finally got to see the race festivities! Last year everything was packed up. There was even still beer left!  I got to go to all the random tents and pick up free samples and goodies AND enjoyed my two beers.

I almost forgot about this!  My friend, Katherine, came up from Tampa for the night to run the race with us!  This is me, her, and Lauren with our post race beers!  I was so glad Katherine came up and that we also ran into Lauren so I had friends to post party with! lol



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