Outback Distance Classic 6k 2008

Outback Distance Classic 6k
November 27, 2008 (Thanksgiving Day)

Chip Time: 35:55 

So I signed up for the Outback Distance Classic 6k (3.6 miles) shortly after I ran the Race for the Cure 5k the month prior.  (I haven’t written a post for the Race for the Cure because I have no photos.)  The Race for the Cure was an absolute disaster for me, because I was totally unprepared.  The Race for the Cure was totally an eye opener.  After that race, I actually started running and learning/reading more about running.  (There was a point in the Race for the Cure I debated just stopping and going to my car since I practically ran right past it).

I was nervous going into this race because I really didn’t want a repeat of the horror that was the Race for the Cure.  Thankfully Lauren, my roommate at the time, who was more into running that I was, offered to run the race with me.  It helped me learn to pace myself a bit (no Garmin yet at this point)

At the end of the race, I actually felt good!  It was actually amazing.  This, I believe, was my turning point race.  The race that officially got me hooked on running.  (The free beer at the end didn’t hurt either)

Do you have a race that just turned you around and got you into running?



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