2008 Gate River Run 15k

2008 Gate River Run 15k
March 8, 2008
Chip Time:  3 hours, 6 minutes, 27 seconds

I walked my first Gate River Run in 2008. I was considering running it, but then my friend Geoff decided to visit that same weekend. I talked him into walking the race with me.

This was the longest race I’d attempted at the time. I sorta chickened our by walking it with Geoff. I’m entirely grateful he decided to walk it with me.

Around mile 2, we were walking down the Main Street bridge and saw paramedics helping a fallen runner. My fear was the individual had a heart attack. I have no idea what actually happened or if they were ok after all. (if anyone actually reads this that knows, I’d love to hear)

We learned some silly things that day. We both walked with one ear bud in. This allowed us to hear music but still talk and chat. We each had a specific ear we had to put the ear bud in (mine is my left ear). We also had to walk on a specific side. I was on the right, he on the left. No idea why, but if we reversed the earbud ear or the side we walked on, it just didn’t feel right!

I remember it being so windy that day. It wasn’t that horrible until we got to “the green monster”, the Hart Bridge. We walked up the middle and huddled together for fear we’d be blown off the side!


Finish time: 3 hours, 6 minutes, 27 seconds

We checked the finishers sheet, and there only about 30 other people that finished after we did. When we got to the post party, they were out of beer and almost all the booths were packed up!

We were so sore after the race from our clothes and shoes chaffing us for three whole hours!!

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